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Korean dramas and movies

So here's where I'll be talking about Korean dramas and movies I have seen. They are listed in alphabetical order. The little asterisks represents stars on a regular 1-5 scale. Comments follow. WARNING: Possible spoilers!

This list is getting longer but definitely not as many as the Japanese dramas and movies I've seen. Someday I may watch some of the more popular ones that people claim everyone has to see like Winter Sonata although it's sad. They are just so long in number of episodes and length of time per episode... but much more available than Jdramas these days on hulu and viki.

My first Korean drama

Currently enjoying:

-Two Cops****
A conman's spirit sometimes enters a cop's body.

My Stack:
Dream High 2
Gu Family Book
Uncontrollably Fond


-Another Oh Hae Young*****
Two girls who share the same name and a guy who has visions about one of them. A lesson on opening your heart to love.

-A Witch's Romance*****
A 39 year old and 25 year old strike up romance after meeting under odd circumstances? Lots of hilarity and I'm growing to love Park Seo Joon.

-Baby Faced Beauty*****
Jang Nara dramas are always gold. I loved seeing how designers work.

-Birth of a Beauty*****
A story of revenge. Deeper meaning with body shaming and ideals of beauty. An unlikely duo with a happy ending.

A virus that renders one a vampire. A mutation creating a being that should not exist. Multilingual and many locations at first and in flashbacks. Mainly a medical drama but also a tragic love story. Adding to vampire lore. The lead actor is quite handsome! I think he's my favorite Korean actor now. Unclear ending!!

-Boys Over Flowers****
A little bit different from the Japanese version but it's been a while since I've watched the original. My mom wanted to watch this for Lee Minho!

-Bring It On, Ghost****1/2
Great supernatural drama starring Ok Taecyeon although I was sad the veterinarian was the villain.

-Chief Kim*****
Funny drama about a con man who wants to make a million dollars to live in Denmark! I love the bromance between the two main male leads. An office drama.

-City Hunter****1/2
Starts off in Rangoon! Awesome action scenes. Captivating series. Lee Minho looks great and I also like the prosecutor. Also there is a female veterinarian in the main cast! Unclear ending.

-Coffee Prince*****
Great premise and I love the level of ridiculousness, reminds me a bit of HanaKimi. The main actor reminds me of one of my high school teachers. I really liked the cast and the main storyline.

-Dear Fair Lady Kong Shim****1/2
Hilarious from the very first episode! A love square consisting of sisters and cousins but the two guys both like the 'unattractive' loser sister who is the main character.

A Viki original drama. Great concept about an American fan who enters the K-drama world!

A female high school delinquent becomes a doctor! Another student-teacher romance in the neurosurgery department. Interesting twist of fate in love and friendships.

-Doctor Stranger****
A North Korean doctor starts working at a prestigious university hospital. An intense drama that involves a love square and medical politics.

-Dream High*****
I have been wanting to watch this! Drama about an arts high school. So many styles of music. Betrayal and rivalry. I love the love lines in this drama. Song Sam Dong!

-Emergency Couple*****
Hilarious to watch such a hateful couple and their extreme situations as interns in the ER. I was rooting for Chief!

A 21st century plastic surgeon in 14th century Goryeo. Very interesting. I like the medical aspect to it and a lot of of the characters. It's awesome that some have supernatural powers as well. Time traveling is confusing!

-Fated To Love You****
A romantic comedy about a 'post-it' temporary worker and a kind-hearted big shot with a weird evil laugh and a familial disease. So many tearful scenes!!

-Fight My Way****
Childhood friends who slowly become a couple. Nice ending but I feel like it could have gone on for longer than 16 episodes.

-Flower Boy Ramyun Shop*****
Some familiar faces from The Moon Embracing the Sun. Now I understand the whole flower boy concept. A comedy about an older woman falling for a student and living with 3-4 flower boys! I felt bad for onion.

-Full House****1/2
Great comedy although it stinks that the whole series is about them fighting/struggling and the blissful scenes are only at the last like 5-10 minutes of the drama. The main actress reminds me of Nakama Yukie and kind of Amuro Namie/BoA. Rain was adorable. I was rooting for Min Hyuk too. Great ending though.

Definitely reminds me of Hana Yori Dango especially for the school scenes. I like how the beginning of it was filmed in California. It's really annoying how poor people are treated by the rich. Good Kdrama. I was rooting for Young Do.

-High Society****
Mainly watching this for Park Hyung Sik. Commoners and chaebols falling in love despite their different classes.

-Holy Land*****
Only four episodes but I loved the violence. Dongho and Hoon were great! I loved how the "Dora Dora" instrumental played during their fight scene. Lots of English music and I also heard 4minute's "Pump Up The Volume" in the background during President Oh's office scene.

-Hope For Dating****1/2
A 2-episode drama starring BoA and Daniel Choi. Interesting commentary on dating and if there's really a way to properly do so. I wish they had continued on!

Beautiful flower boys who can also fight. How could I not watch this? Also Park Hyung sik looks so great with long hair. Awesome story about the smallest, weakest Korean kingdom, Silla.

Great re-adaptation of 'Journey to the West' with the Monkey King and the love of his life! Love all the supernatural aspects.

-I Am Sam****
TOP's other drama! Another school drama with gangsters. I didn't know PARAN sang the theme song! Good series and ending but I'm sure I approve of this relationship.

-I Hear Your Voice****1/2
We are on a Lee Jong Suk marathon/kick. He can read people's minds by looking in their eyes in this one. Intense drama involving past sins and the law. Now I know more about public defenders. Abrupt ending.

-Imaginary Cat*****
Web drama about a webtoon artist and his orange female Scottish Fold cat! Cried so much for the last episode! I loved Bok Gil.

-I Remember You****
Intense police drama about serial killers, a criminologist and his little brother, and special task force. My first time seeing Park Bo Gum acting. Hanging ending...

Confusing timeline. Very high budget, high tech international drama. Watch out for the torture scenes. However, as with most Korean dramas, I feel like some parts were dragged on unnecessarily with recaps and only some scenes broken down into detail. Overall, intense and exciting. Very sad ending.

-Kill Me, Heal Me****1/2
I quite like Hwang Jang Eum! A medical drama with family secrets and a romantic comedy all mixed in. 7 personalities, dang! Great love triangle.

-King of High School Manners****1/2
Mainly watching this for Lee Soo Hyuk but the main actor reminds me of Seto Koji. It's interesting to see him play two roles. I love Lee Soo Hyuk as the cold hearted director! Jung Soo Young's character reminds me so much of myself.

-Lucky Romance*****
Interesting premise which originally caught my attention. A delightful romantic comedy about a genius CEO and a superstitious girl. Silly couples. Lee Soo Hyuk is super lovable and handsome. Highly recommended!

First time watching Kim Jaejoong in a Korean drama, no idea why so late because he is so handsome! I've known about him since his DBSK days and saw him in the Japanese drama 'Sunao ni Naranakute'. In this drama, he time travels at least 11 times to try to achieve a happy ending with his first love.

-Master's Son*****
The Korean Ghost Whisperer? Seo In Guk's face looks thin here but he's so hot as a security guard. Great ending.

-Milky Love*****
Short web drama starring Kevin from U-KISS! A romance I can only dream of. Use of Chinese and numbers. Two parts, from each of the couple's viewpoints.

-My Lovely Samsoon*****
I really got into this drama easily once the first episode started. The concept is really great and unlike other dramas. I also thought the ending was good though I was curious about what happened with the other characters' romantic lives.

-My Wife Is Having An Affair This Week****
Listed as a comedy but is more of a melodrama. Based off a Japanese drama, it's short with only 12 episodes. About a producer who finds out his wife is cheating on him. They also have a young son. He posts about it online in a stocks gallery and it becomes a big deal.

-Neighborhood Hero****1/2
A former secret agent opens a bar while secretly saving his customers when they are in danger. Lee Soo Hyuk - lots of running even from the first episode! He's so cute and is portrayed younger in this drama.

-Nightmare Teacher****
A short web drama teaching important lessons about high school students. Was the teacher a demon?

-Oh My Ghostess*****
Romantic comedy about a girl who can communicate with ghosts and get possessed by a virgin one! Cooking lessons and suspense/mystery. Some BIGBANG songs featured. Great drama! I loved the cast.

-One More Happy Ending*****
Jang Nara's dramas are always excellent. A story about the love lives of four former girl group members. Love the fantasy sequences!! Some tear jerking scenes as expected from a Jang Nara drama.

-Orange Marmalade****1/2
A story about humans and vampires coexisting with vampires as the minority. 'Season 2' all of a sudden went back to the Joseon period. Great music and love story.

-Personal Taste****1/2
Pretty funny! The main female character really does remind me of my friend. Crazy situations and gets more dramatic than comedic as the series progresses. I was satisfied with the ending though it felt rushed.

Interesting look into the inside world of reporters. This drama made me realize that interning anywhere is not easy.

-Please Come Back, Mister*****
Mr. Rain. Interesting look at the afterlife and a temporary resurrection to resolve unfinished business. Hilarious from episode 1!

-Pretty Man****1/2
Not a fan of the main actor but Hoon is in it!! Silly yet serious. I was rooting for David's character but that's nothing new. Overall, great romantic comedy/business drama.

A lot of talking and bit slow at the start considering it's almost like a documentary on producers. It picked up the pace by the 3rd episode. Love square! Good ending. Kim Soo Hyun's character was so cute yet sneaky.

-Rainbow Rose****
The Korean is dubbed in Japanese. Funny show about a family that opens their house to foreign students and a professor as boarders.

-Royal Family****1/2
Fairly interesting series. I am mainly watching it for Dongho who didn't appear in it very much at all. Uncertain ending but overall a good, suspenseful drama.

-School 2013*****
Reminiscent of GTO and Gokusen series. Very interesting! I realized I just love high school dramas. I miss the cast already! I loved the stories of friendship especially the close friendships amongst boys. Hanging ending though!

-Secret Garden*****
A CEO and a stunt woman switch bodies?! Hyun Bin looks so skinny in here.

-She Was Pretty*****
Hilarious! How much can two people transform so much after 15 years? Wonderful romantic comedy about childhood friends who were each other's first love. I loved Siwon's character!

-Shopping King Louie****1/2
Hilarious! From riches to rags. Some epic, really unique scenes! True love I can only dream of! Some loose ends for the final episode.

-Squad 38****
Seo In Guk plays a scam artist! It's not easy getting the rich to pay their taxes. Love the team. Lots of suspense.

-Strong Woman Do Bong Soon*****
I couldn't help it and started watching this drama even though it was still airing. Park Bo Young's dramas are always gold - elements of the supernatural, love triangle, and trying to catch a crook. Makes me think of Oh My Ghostess. Absolutely loved this!! Highly recommended.

-The King's Face****1/2
I am so intrigued by the physiognomists/face readers! Seo In Guk is so adorable as a prince, not a fan of the facial hair though. I felt like they could have still gone further than 23 episodes.

-The Legend of the Blue Sea****1/2
A drama about a mermaid and her once-in-a-lifetime love. I learned a lot about mermaid folklore! Lee Min Ho's last drama before going in the military...

-The Man Living In Our House*****
Another romantic comedy. I missed seeing and hearing Lee Soo Hyuk!!

-The Moon That Embraces the Sun****1/2
Kim Soo Hyun doesn't appear until 1/4 into the series. Lovely fictional love story with a twisted fate during the Joseon period. Fair ending.

-The Scholar Who Walks the Night*****
Hot Bloodsuckers indeed. Lee Soo Hyuk makes a perfect vampire and he looked gorgeous in all of the costumes. Set in the time of kings, he's the vampire who rules all of the country. Love seeing him a villain!

-Valid Love****
A woman marries her former substitute teacher then has an affair with a young hottie, played by Lee Soo Hyuk. What a disastrous family! A human drama.

What happens when you meet a comic book character of your dreams? A drama focused on alternate worlds and crossing over! Very intense and the special effects are amazing!

-Weightlifting Fairy Kim Bok Joo****1/2
A sports university romantic comedy about a female weightlifter and male swimmer who knew each other as kids! My first Korean sports drama! SWAG.

-While You Were Sleeping****1/2
Precognitive dreams among a news reporter, prosecutor, policeman, and investigator.

-White Christmas****1/2
Suspenseful short drama (8 episodes) about students who stayed at their boarding school over 8 days of winter break. Six male models here. Namely watched this for Kim Woo Bin, but first noticed Lee Soo Hyuk here.

-Will It Snow For Christmas?****
Definitely a melodrama. Watched this for Kim Soo Hyun and became a fan of Ko Soo. Lots of great actors and actresses in this drama. An older generation love triangle and younger generation love square.

-You're All Surrounded*****
Watching this mainly for Ahn Jae Hyun. I love the comic book opening sequence. Rookie cop comedy? Doesn't seem too comedic at first but all around great drama with closed ending.

-You Who Came From the Stars****1/2
Ahn Jae Hyun's acting debut! I definitely see the appeal of Kim Soo Hyun. Wow, aliens have so many abilities and that library is amazing. Fair ending. I also thought Se Mi's older brother/the prosecutor was handsome and I loved Hye In's character.


A movie about three nineteen year olds and two are of them are TOP and Seungri. Great film and music.

-200 Pounds Beauty****1/2
What a scam with Ammy! A fat lady with a heart of gold undergoing whole body plastic surgery. What struggles she faces when she becomes a pretty woman trying to hide her old identity. Good ending.

-Alice: Boy in Wonderland****1/2
Great acting by Hong Jong Hyun. Super confusing. I read comments with varying theories - they weren't siblings or were half siblings, he was already reincarnated, there was a doppleganger at the end... but some things bothered me. It seemed like maybe the main actress was also dead? Or was she just sleeping next to her dead little baby brother? Also how come her mom was able to stand when she was usually sick in the wheelchair? A bit scary so don't watch at night time but I did not cry as other fans did.

-Almost Love****1/2
A great story about two childhood friends growing up. Shocker towards the end.

-Art of Seduction***1/2
Good leads. A lot of manipulation and deception on both sides.

-Because I Love You*****
Great movie about a man who helps brings different kind of couples together while he is in a coma.

-Chilling Romance*****
A horror/romantic comedy with magic. Lots of funny moments.

Interesting filming technique with interconnecting stories.

-Cyrano Agency****
Lots of stars in this one. Great concept revolving around losing and finding love.

-Dad For Rent*****
Really unique concept of a young girl putting her dad up for rent. A touching family story.

-Don't Worry I'm A Ghost****
Sad episode about an older man and younger girl who like each other but never find out until after she passes away.

A shortfilm about a guy who undergoes plastic surgery for his girlfriend in order to marry him.

-Fashion King*****
Ahn Jae Hyun plays a bad rich boy! I love the comic strips and the plot. Great exaggerated high school film about a underdog's rise to success.

-Finding Mr. Destiny****
A trip to India and getting over one's first love. Interesting how your mind's eye can alter your memory of someone.

-Fortune Salon****1/2
Romantic comedy about a famous fortune teller who has to decide between love and fate. The underdog/loser makes his way to win over all our hearts.

-Friend 2****
Violence and gore! A movie about gangsters. Kim Woo Bin at his best!

-Funny Neighbors***1/2
With a title like that, you would expect it to be pretty darn funny. It was somewhat funny, sometimes perverted.

-Ghost House****
A man moves into a haunted house by himself. Later on he becomes a Ghost Whisperer. They kill a chicken in one scene though unfortunately.

Story about an average girl, a hot girl, and a tomboy who are all in love with the same man and how they become friends. A bit hard to follow at the beginning. 2NE1 have a brief cameo towards the beginning of the film.

-Hot Young Bloods****1/2
A movie about school in the 1980's with fighting even girl 'gangs'. Nice love story and ending.

Only worth watching for the few new scenes not seen before as well as the revealing ending. I was very confused. Mostly a recap but with no connection/transition between scenes, would be hard to understand if one hadn't seen the series.

-Jungle Fish****
A short film about high school students and their struggles to get into college. Kim Soo Hyun and Park Bo Young look so young here!

-Love 911****1/2
Melodramatic romantic comedy about a firefighter and cardiac surgeon who fall in love due to unfortunate circumstances. All of Ko Soo's works are great.

-Love Forecast****
Love story of two childhood friends where the boy has loved the girl for 18 years.

-Love Impossible****1/2
A South Korean playboy and a North Korean star student fall in love in China.

-Marriage Blue****
A story about four couples about to be married and the struggles they face up to that point. I felt sorry for the chef!

-Mr. Idol****1/2
The flow was a bit hard to follow, but I liked Mr. Children. I'm sure they knew there's a Japanese band by the same name. 4 members of U-KISS are also in this film as the Wonder Boys: Dongho, Kiseop, Soohyun, and Hoon.

-My Black Mini Dress****
A story about four girlfriends who graduate from university and enter the real world. Jealousy amongst friends. Dongho has a small role in this film and he speaks a bit of English!

-My Little Bride*****
A romantic comedy about a teenage girl marrying her childhood friend who is more like an older brother to her. The actress looks so young!

-My Sassy Girl***
Their relationship was funny, but the movie was so long. I think I cried a few times, especially for the ending, though I kind of forgot what happened. I would not watch this again because it's too sad.

-My Scary Girl***
A man with no previous romantic experiences falls in love with a murderer. Hanging ending.

-Naked Kitchen****
Unbelievable infidelity on the part of the wife. Ju Ji-Hoon is quite handsome. Somewhat hanging ending.

-Penny Pinchers****1/2
First time watching Song Joong Ki surprisingly! A romance and lessons on how to save and make money. Be careful who you trust.

-Perfect Match****
Some parts were boring but overall a good romantic comedy. Reminds me a bit of the Wedding Planner in regards to the concept.

-Petty Romance****
I loved the relationship between the two main characters as well as the comic book filming technique but the animated and real sex scenes were going into the X-rated category.

-Romantic Island****
Three couples in the Philippines with three different storylines. Nice romantic comedy.

-Runway Cop****1/2
Reminds me a bit of the male version of Miss Congeniality almost - similar theme. Mainly watched this for the short cameo of Kim Woo Bin but this was a great action/comedy.

I like the main actress (who also played Samsoon). A look back at her past 3 boyfriends and how she gets revenge on them.

-Sad Movie****
A story about four couples, and indeed quite sad. I did not cry though.

-Seducing Mr. Perfect*****
Great multilingual romantic comedy. Love the leads!

-Seven Swords****
Great action film, though I watched it dubbed in Chinese with English subtitles.

-The Moonlight of Seoul*
Kind of interesting though confusing with some slow parts. Not recommended for younger viewers. The ending was awful.

-The Plan Man****1/2
Romantic comedy about a weird, super OCD man. Great songs with interesting lyrics.

-The Royal Tailor****
Sad story about a very talented but low class tailor who makes his way into the palace. A tale of jealousy which reminded me of the fact that there are a lot of people who will never be remembered in history no matter what contributions they made. Beautiful scenery and clothes.

-The Technicians****1/2
Action film starring Kim Woo Bin. What more can you ask for? Great cast and heists.

-Total Messed Family****
A movie about a dysfunctional family told from the view point of the younger sister. The relationship between the dad and son makes for good comedy.

Silly and immature. The funniest part was the big fight scene towards the end of the film. Interesting to see Kim Woo Bin play a silly character but he's still typecast as the rich bad boy.

-Venus Talk***
A movie about three 40 year old girlfriends. They showed too much that it was nasty and almost like watching a porno film.

-Villain and Widow****
Exciting, tense movie about a con man living upstairs in the house of a widow and her daughter. Dongho plays a popular but handsome jerk in this film.

-Viva! Love****
A new definition of family. A lady falls in love with her daughter's boyfriend and trouble ensues as expected.

-Wacky Teacher***1/2
Old comedy from 2006. A bit choppy but not a bad story.

-Wedding Palace****
Mostly in English. Camera trick for the midget. Feel good romantic comedy.

-You Are My Pet****
Korean film take on the Japanese manga and drama. I was not a fan of the stars playing the leads, especially the male star although this is the first time I saw him act. He does have a nice singing voice. Pretty good film overall.

-You Are My Vampire****1/2
Weird and comedic film about a writer who is kind of obsessed with vampires and American romantic comedies. The male lead reminds me of L from Death Note.

Japanese movies and specials

So here's where I'll be talking mostly about Japanese movies and tanpatsu (TV specials). They are listed in alphabetical order. The little asterisks represents stars on a regular 1-5 scale. Comments follow.

WARNING: Quite long.

Please see other entries for dramas, as well as Super Hero Time and stage plays.

One of my favorite movies

My Stack:
Ashita no Joe
Rurouni Kenshin III: Densetsu no Saigo hen


-700 Days of Battle: Us vs. The Police****1/2
Set in 1979. Great cast and funny!

-Ahiru to Kamo no Koinrokka****1/2
Eita is cool in this movie. Big twist! Discrimination against foreigners and karma.

-Akai Ito****
Basically a recap of most of the drama but with a hanging ending.

Nakagomi is more shocking and disturbing here. Some characters are missing. Whoa, AAA have a cameo in it with "Let It Beat". So violent and dark. Good ending.

-Akumu no erebeta****
Thriller about 4 people trapped in an elevator. Interesting how everything unravels at the end. I felt bad for the detective.

-Aku no Kyoten****
Lots of English, sex, violence, and bloodshed. Hanging ending - looks like there will be a part two. 'Think about it' indeed. I need someone to explain the ending to me or discuss it with.

-Aquarian Age****
Serious and suspenseful until the very end. The beginning was kind of confusing. Nice cast. I was angry with the ending, though.

Great story with lots of action, bloodshed, surprises, and an all star cast. I love watching movies with strong female leads. I was really shocked by Odagiri Jo's character, total 180 degrees from Kamen Rider Kuuga/Godai Yuusuke. Mark of a great actor.

-Azumi 2 - Death or Love*****
Continuation from the last movie with some new stars. More action, bloodshed and deaths. Typical ending for these jidai action movies.

Johnny's and one of those 48 girl groups. Betrayal and friendship/allegiance. It's like the younger-looking Crows of Hiroshima.

Unbelievable story of a fangirl. Rock! Some weird scenes. As I have always thought, Jin has a great voice. The transitions were too fast. Oh, band troubles. Ending?!

-Battle Royale****
Of course it was bloody and disturbing, yet good.

-Battle Royale 2****
Not as good as the first. Rebel team, more survivors.

-Beatrock Love****
I watched this without subs. A short film about a J-rock band of friends. The focus was mostly on Araki and Takeru's characters. Renn playing bass!!

I loved the rock music and was quite impressed by the rapping and English. Some funny parts. All star cast/band. The only things that bothered me were the ending and the interpretation of Koyuki's vocals.

-Boku no Hatsukoi wo Kimi ni Sasagu****
I was surprised that it wasn't that sad! There were even some funny moments. Some shocking moments as well, a love square, and sort of a twist.

-Bokura ga Ita Kohen*****
Part two of the film. I felt that this film was at a better pace and captivated my attention. I was pleased with the ending.

-Bokura ga Ita Zenpen****
I guess that Toma can still pass for a high school student. The pace was a bit slow, and the film is mostly serious and human. Looks like it's leading to be another high school somewhat tragic love story. I do like Takaoka Sousuke's character here.

-Boku wa Imooto ni koi wo suru***
A very disturbing plotline and hanging ending. Of course MatsuJun is nice to look at but the story bothered me. I also don't think Eikura Nana is pretty.

-Boys Love**
Tragic and disturbing - alcoholism, rape, sex, and violence.

-Boys Love The Movie***
Bad kids at a religious school where money rules. Weird relationship between the main two characters at first. Crazy people. Fair ending though.

-Brutus no Shinzo****
Robots, cheating, and murder. Suspenseful mystery.

-Cafe Daikanyama II ~Yume no Tsuzuki~ ****1/2
Aiba Hiroki is the star with the focus mostly on him as well as the Master's past. Is this really the second film in the series? I am watching these out of order, so I'm not sure what the first film would cover. I am loving Renn, his koto, and predictive powers!! I quite like sweet boys. Funny.

-Catch a Wave****
Haruma's voice hadn't changed yet and he looks young. I recognized all of the main cast. Set in Hawaii, I think, with quite a bit of English!

Shocking beginning. Swindlers and lots of action.

-Check It Out, yo!!*****
Weird and funny. Cute Ichihara Hayato. Good cast and music. Great story about four friends in Okinawa.

-Chonmage Purin*****
I thought this was a good movie. I liked seeing Nishikido Ryo as a samurai and a pastry chef. The story didn't end the way I wanted, but it was still acceptable.

-Cosmic Rescue****
It held my interest and I saw a lot of familiar faces. This was when I finally figured out that I thought Go Morita was someone else in V6 the whole time. Coming Century, go!

-Crows Zero****
Lots of violence, friendship, and some funny parts. Oguri Shun did a great job as usual. Hanging ending...

-Crows Zero II*****
So many bad boys and multiple big fight scenes. Funny. Hot Haruma with awesome hair. Very good.

-Cyborg She****1/2
Koide Keisuke was very cute but a little bit perverted in this movie. The movie was funny, had amazing special effects, but of course movies having to do with the future and correcting the past always tend to confuse. A very nice love story.

-Dareka ga Watashi ni Kiss wo Shita****
Culture clash amongst the Japanese and Americans. The feel of the movie was like part American teenage movie and a regular Japanese film later on. Crazy Ken'ichi again. Yuya's English was hilarious. They must have dubbed over Maki's English. I liked the special effects with the photography though.

-Dear Doctor***
Slow and a bit boring. The ending was inconclusive.

-Death Note*****
Lots of suspense, shinigami Ryuk who looks like Michael Jackson, and Light vs. L! This is when I finally realized that Fujiwara Tatsuya was attractive.

-Death Note: The Last Name****
Multiple Kiras, unrequited love, and the final battle between geniuses Light and L. The ending shocked me but it definitely provided closure.

-Detroit Metal City*****
Hilarious and ridiculous! Good story and music. Matsuyama Ken'ichi in a weird role again but very lovable. I love his running.

First time watching Hayashi Kento. Quite interesting. I liked the "Diamond Eyes" concept.

-Don't Laugh At My Romance****
Art school and lithography! Natsukashii. This was more of a serious movie because of the adultery. The ending wasn't conclusive.

Oh, Channaka. I was reminded of Den-O by the summer triangle of Vega, Altair, and Deneb. It was funny how some famous actresses' names were listed in the acceptance list. Quite a sad story, pretty much a terminal illness movie. Channaka sings the ending song too.

Boys are weird. Why do they have to fight? Lots of violence and some funny moments.

-Enoshima Prism*****
A story about childhood friends and time travel. Bittersweet ending based on the main character's sacrifice. Handsome cast.

-Fine, Totally Fine****
Definitely an international film festival type of movie. Strange but familiar cast. Overall, a good story.

-Fujoshi Kanojo****
Interesting plot. Otaku are weird, especially fujoshi. Crazy women. Swallowtail!! It was cool to see Matsumoto Wakana in a different role like this, as compared to Airi-san in Den-O. Funny moments. Cute relationship.

Interesting soundtrack. Imagination. Intense, very smart, BIG twist. Exciting to the very end but I wasn't satisfied with the ending.

Shocking, intense and scary due to the suspense. Pretty crazy concept. Amazing special effects. I like the mystery around the first film.

-Gantz Perfect Answer****
I wasn't pleased with the explanation nor did it answer all of my questions. It reminded me a little of the Matrix with the love story, sacrifice, and cycling.

-Genji Monogatari: Sennen no Nazo****
The story still remains a mystery, I think, due to the inconclusive ending. A story within a story where the lines gets blurred. Be forewarned of the vengeful spirits and rape scene.

-Ghost Train****
It wasn't as scary as I had expected from reading the summary and seeing the cover art. It had a couple of twists at the end and was a pretty intense movie. Oguri Shun did a good job playing the part of a scared yet dutiful train conductor.

-Ginmaku Ban Sushi Ouji!~New York e Iku~****
Overexaggerated and funny, outrageos. Seems kind of old. Dramatic with a Darth Vader-like villain.

Four girl friends, all star cast, fashion as magic, and fun being a woman around age 30. Great girl power film.

-Gokusen the Movie*****
Hilarious with one big twist. A gathering of students from all four classes! Very good ending for series.

Lots of special effects and all star cast. Exciting and shocking!

-Guu-Guu Datte Neko de Aru****1/2
Good story. English and Thai in it too. The focus was on my favorite things: cats, art, and music. Quite a twist at the end.

All about blonde Koji! A movie with weird characters and kind of perverted. Virtual reality game. Twist.

Amusing, funny, and a bit awkward. Story of a young couple's love. Inconclusive ending!

A love story spanning 10 years. Lots of locations and some English.

-Hana Yori Dango Final****
Good ending for the drama with some nice twists and references to the past. I saw some of the filming in Las Vegas! Ebisu Garden Place, yay! But I felt sorry for Hanazawa Rui in the end.

-Handsome Suit*****
Funny, cute and unbelievable. Yamamoto Yusuke is funny here. Great lesson learned.

-Harajuku Denier****
Silly movie featuring Bee Shuffle! Quite comedic and I liked how all the episodes tied in together at the end. I recognized the stars who were going to get scouted again.

-Hard Luck Hero*****
V6 and beautifully filmed! It was very entertaining. It like explained the whole story from different angles.

-Hidamari no Kanojo****
MatsuJun and Ueno Juri - my favorites! I won't give away her secret but it was cool. A nice love story.

-Homeless Student****
Homeless by choice. Sad and poor Koike Teppei, but he has a really nice butt. He went a little crazy too. Some scenes were jumpy. A human movie teaching about gratefulness. Bad father but great friends and extended families. Good ending.

-Honey and Clover (2006)****
Slow paced but also rushed compared to a drama. Quite a few differences except for the characters and clothing. Not as depressing.

-Honokaa Boy***1/2
Sad, human movie. Cool filming techniques and development of main character, but basically a summer growing up story. Kind of boring and put my friend and me to sleep on the plane.

Interesting concept. I thought the movie was going to be scary but it turned out to be very sad.

-Incite Mill: 7-Day Death Game****1/2
Interesting psychology experiment on people. Paranoia. Scary and suspenseful. Twist at the end. I was impressed with the younger actresses in this movie.

Korean/Japanese crossover film. A story about two friends. I love the confession lessons and the reenactments of romantic scenes. I really liked the main actress!

Interesting movies about commercial advertising and awards. Weird main male character. Kitagawa Keiko is like in everything.

-Jyuryoku Pierrot*****
A smart film that gets you thinking. Genetics are pretty interesting. I thought it was a good, serious movie. There's also a twist.

It reminded me a bit of Liar Game but more cruel. It was super intense and crazy. MatsuKen and Fujiwara Tatsuya reunited!

-Kaiji 2****1/2
Interesting and intense. Games, main one was pachinko. Good cast.

-Kakushi no Toride: The Last Princess*****
MatsuJun's first jidai film. It was funny and action-packed, what more could I ask for? That's my favorite type of movie.

-Kamisama no Karute****
I must comment on Sho's horrible hairdo, but otherwise the movie is pretty interesting. Serious medical movie with strange living situation amongst the four main characters.

-Kiiroi Namida***
The story was good but a bit boring and slow. There was not nearly enough of MatsuJun. Ohno's artistic abilities were displayed, and Nino was also a manga artist.

-Kimi ni Todoke****1/2
Good concept. Haruma is adorable!! Friendship and manipulation, but typical high school romance story.

-Kimi no Yubisaki***
Short film. Quite boring.

-Kinkyori Renai****
Awkward girl and illegal relationship. I missed watching YamaPi!

-Kirin no Tsubasa: Gekijoban Shinzanmono*****
Great action and mystery, intertwined touching but angering stories. Mizobata Junpei was very good in this film.

An idol's memorial service by random message board fanboys? I totally didn't know that's what this movie was about. Oguri Shun is a great, versatile actor. I like his gentle voice and silliness. But light-hearted fanboy fun takes a dark, mysterious turn as we discover their strange relationships to the deceased. Funny but hanging ending.

-Kisarazu Cat's Eye Nihon Series*****
The future? More friendship and hilarious antics. Romantic aspect. Some unbelievable moments. Great dance sequence during the ending credits.

-Kisarazu Cat's Eye World Series*****
Korean drama version? Some sad moments, special effects, hilarity, and unbelievable situations. Quite mysterious at the beginning.

-Koisuru naporitan: Sekai de ichiban oishii aisarekata****
Bittersweet love story about childhood friends and a pianist. Tearjerker but solid ending.

Very interesting. Romantic and odd with great metaphors and script. Lots of shocking and sad moments. How many times did I cry and sigh for this movie?

After watching this, I realized that it's not always good to be a genius. And this is the scariest and worst revenge I have ever seen committed.

-Koukou Debut*****
So my kind of movie, perhaps because it's based off a shoujo manga. I love how ridiculously funny and exaggerated things are in this film. The sister was annoying but I absolutely loved Suda Masaki and Furukawa Yuki's characters and how they contrasted each other. The setting was also idyllic. I wish I could live such a life!

Same cast, funny parts, and good swindling but the ending wasn't conclusive enough for me.

I was a little bit confused about the time period (Victorian garb in 2020) and Shiori's character (instead of Ciel) but that was easily overridden by Mizushima Hiro's return to acting! The acting, characters, and scenery were all well done; plus there were cats. All I can ask for in a film.

-Kyou, Koi wo Hajimemasu****
Typical Cinderella in high school story. I am not a fan of the main actress. I was not pleased that she gave up on one of her beliefs by the end of the film. Overall, not a bad movie.

Why does Narimiya Hiroki accept such a role? Weird characters and quite disturbing. Made me quite uncomfortable.

-L: Change The World****
I learned a lot more about L and geniuses in general. I laughed out loud everytime L typed and tried to walk straight. I thought he spent those 23 days well.

Another high school romance film. Yamazaki Kento is attractive but of course I was rooting for Renn's character. Gouriki Ayame looks so much better with the shorter hair. The heart shaped fireworks looked so cool, my mom questioned if they were real or special effects.

-Liar Game Saisei****
Matsuda Shota is great as always. However, the cast change with the women was too much. The game was still interesting although things appeared to fall into place too easily.

-Liar Game: The Final Stage*****
Familiar faces. Plenty of surprises and intrigue. Great ending to the series.

-Library Wars****1/2
Great cast and the director's description of "futuristic action film and romantic comedy" combined was spot on.

-Lovely Complex*****
Hilarious because it is overexaggerated. Unlikely couple because of height difference. Silly anecdotes. English was a bit hard to understand. It reminds me of American teen movies but more innocent.

-Maison de Himiko***
Odagiri Joe was quite good looking in this movie but many things made me uncomfortable.

At first I thought this was a terminal illness film but it actually about a fatal traffic accident. Loved the cast and some moments were definitely tear jerkers.

-Mogura no Uta ~ Sennyu Sousakan Reiji***
Perverted gangster movie. Lots of action and comedy. Not a fan of the sex scene.

-Moon Child*****
I've never seen Gackt acting but it was surprising seeing him act childish. He also cowrote the story! Four spoken languages, lots of action and special effects, some funny parts, and an all-star cast. Conclusive ending.

Not quite what I expected. Fast paced, oftentimes silly, with one great big dance scene. I was not a fan of the main actor's character. However, I would love to have a moteki of my own.

Starts off in Thailand. Exciting, clever, and quite a bit of English. Yamamoto Yusuke!! Crazy Yuki.

-My Darling is a Foreigner****
Takadanobaba is also one of my favorite Japanese phrases! So many foreigners, even a Burmese guy! A nice, love story.

Nice word play. Total polar opposites make a good friendship. Matsuyama Ken'ichi looks good as a punk too! Black Stones, punk rock band with really good music. I enjoyed all the references to the Sex Pistols and the fashion.

-Nana 2***
Some actors changed. Kyo Nobuo looks great as a punk but his role was so minor. Lots of drama and good quotes. I was upset with the ending though.

Great cast. Sports movie about running.

-Nazotoki no Dinner wa Ato de SP****1/2
Unbelievable side story. Funny, a bit confusing and suspenseful at first. Nice mystery.

-Negative Happy Chainsaw Edge*****
Very cinematic with special effects, stunts, and big scenes. Intense, surprising and funny. A story about romance, friendship, loss, and a chosen warrior girl. Blonde Haruma again who sings! Ending song by GReeeeN. I couldn't ask for more.

Short movie. Tora is adorable and super cute.

-Neko Ramen Taisho***1/2
Weird but funny. Famous cats make cameos, namely Tama the stationmaster. I don't know about Kurin and Karin, though.

-Ningen Shikkaku***1/2
Finally watched this movie! Because of the quick transitions the continuity was hard to follow. I had to raise my arms at many scenes, not understanding what was going on without having read the book or a summary. Weird turn of events. I am impressed with Toma though, considering it was his first role in a film. What a wasted life of being a user and womanizer - how many women does he have? The scenes of drug addition made me the most uncomfortable because I hate needles. Unsure of the ending.

-Nodame Cantabile Movie: Part 1****1/2
Hilarious, cute and outrageous. Mostly focused on Chiaki. I can't wait to see Part 2 and seeing more of the old cast.

-Nodame Cantabile Movie: Part 2*****
I love this series so much. It makes me laugh and feel all warm and fuzzy inside. I love the imagination sequences, and Chiaki and Nodame's relationship. Expect the usual hilarity and outrageousness. But is it really the end? I hope they continue to make more!

-Nonai Poison Berry****
Interesting concept. I liked the main actress but of course watched this for Furukawa Yuki! A movie about loving one's self.

-Ooarai ni mo Hoshi wa Furunari***
Mostly just talking amongst the guys. I mainly watched this for Yamamote Yusuke but I recognized all the actors.

Fascinating concept, but I still felt that the men dominated somehow. I was very pleased with the ending, however.

-Oppai Volleyball***1/2
Not as funny as I had hoped but not a bad movie. The concept reminded me a bit of an American teen movie, though.

-Ore Ore****
Scary and strange film with a good lesson. I wouldn't mind 34 Kame's.

This movie was somewhat confusing. The main character has powers and appears to be some sort of alien. It's mainly about a family curse and the vices of women.

Interesting love story with a good ending except that you can only hear them together and not see. Aso Kumiko looks like she could be Aragaki Yui's older sister. They look so much alike.

-Ouran High School Host Club the Movie*****
Totally missed these guys! So much to see! Other clubs and high technology for their annual festival.

-Ousama Game****1/2
Another one of these mystery thrillers. It made me think of Death Note at first. What a horrible fate. I was suspicious of the correct people.

This movie was very dark and disturbing. Each of the characters were messed up in their own way. I was surprised at what Koide Keisuke's character did at the beginning, but I was able to predict what happened with Fujiwara Tatsuya's character at the end. This movie really did get me thinking about how our world is going to hell.

-Paradise Kiss****1/2
I really liked the filming style, clothes, all star cast, and ikemen galore. Some surprising scenes. A bit unrealistic though and strange pace.

-PIKA*NCHI Life is hard, dakedo happy****
Blonde Nino, unbelievable Sho, Jun's awful hair and perkiness, pervert and young Ohno, Aiba as the main character. Funny. English.

-PIKA*NCHI Double****1/2
Aiba sewing? Vegetarian yakiniku? Opening sequence with face mix up. Jun is a cook again, or should I say this is a prequel to Bambino! Johnny Shitsugawa. Funny. The pv at the credits was awesome; those are the guys I know and love.

-Psychic Kusuo****
Very odd movie about a psychic teenager. Only the Japanese can pull off the crazy hairdos.

-Rent A Neko****1/2
Interesting plot with a responsible, quirky business lady. I enjoyed all the people she encountered and helped by allowing cat rentals. Beautiful cats. The ending was left open, however.

-Returner (2002)****
I watched this with Chinese dubs and English subtitles but it was still good. Some futuristic action, a twist, and great actors.

-Rich Man Poor Woman New York SP****1/2
Cool translation system. English! Explaining Makoto and Hyuga's time apart before the actual drama ending.

-Robokon (2003)****
Oguri Shun was funny at the beginning. The pace was quite slow, but got more interesting in the second half. Definitely a movie for nerds.

-ROOKIES - Sotsugyou*****
Yamamoto Yusuke! Funny and intense, just like the drama. Conclusive ending, but I didn't cry as much as I had expected.

Suspenseful and disturbing tale about a schizophrenic girl. Big twist!

-Rurouni Kenshin*****
Sasuga, Take! Great action, plot, and cinematography. Loved the fight scenes including the food break for the brawlers as well as Skull vs. Den-O's big battle.

-Rurouni Kenshin II: Kyoto Taika hen*****
So many fight scenes. I laughed when I first saw Miura Ryosuke's character. Iseya Yusuke's character looked too modern with his hairstyle and clothes. Yet again Fujiwara Tatsuya plays an insane genius though badly burnt. Kamiki Ryunosuke, his character is despicable yet lovable at the same time. Fukuyama Masaharu!! Go Amuse.

-Runway Beat*****
Koji is so charming. Guess my favorite scene? Oh, high school drama. I love the collection of artistic talents and the runway show was amazing. Great ending.

-Saru Lock The Movie****1/2
Great plot and cast. I kinda missed this group of 4 friends.

-Shaken Baby!****
Love the opening sequence! Yusuke <3! Kind of random and ridiculous.

-Shinjuku Shounen Tantei-dan***1/2
Everyone is so young here! Not great quality nor subs. It reminds me of Goonies but more unbelievable.

-Shinobi~Heart Under Blade*****
What a good looking couple Nakama Yukie and Odagiri Joe make. Awesome visual effects, variety of powers, and very exciting story. Shocking and sad ending, though the sadness was expected.

-Shiratori Reiko de gozaimasu: The movie****
I have not watched the drama but it was a cute, innocent movie about a good daughter and true love.

-Shirayuki Hime Satsujin Jiken****
Nice filming technique - different view points, news reporting. I feel like the ending was a bit hanging though with Shirono's smile. Great cast.

-Shiritsu Bakaleya Koukou****1/2
I guess fighting runs in the family of brothers. Flashbacks. Girl drama and guys fighting as usual in the 1st branch of Cataleya. I love the guys, and Tamamori Yuta was hot.

-SP: The Motion Picture ~ Yabou Hen****
A bit confusing since it's been a while from when I watched the drama. Plenty of action though.

-SP: The Motion Picture II ~ Kakumei Hen****
I found the political talk boring but the action was great as usual. This was the final episode.

A short, slow-paced film. Complex emotions but innocent, though at first I thought Yoshiki's character was creeper-ish. However, the story ends up being kind of boring due to a lack of a climax or moving forward.

-Suki tte ii na yo****1/2
Fourze and Beast reunite! Actually a lot of Ken-On actors in this film. So many kisses! Love square? Overall a good film although I don't support teen intimacy.

-Surely Someday****
Oguri Shun's directorial debut! I appreciated the cameos. It wasn't as focused on music as I had expected. There were action and suspense as well. I did enjoy the music, however, and the friendship of five dudes.

-Taiikukan Baby*****
Similar story to Dokyusei, but I quite enjoyed this movie. Some aspects were a bit sketchy, but overall, the theme of friendship prevailed and I like how they had a circular element to the plot. Plus, I really missed Channaka. He was so cute in this film.

Hecka drama, betrayal, and surprises. Very good. Oguri Shun and Tanaka Kei! I should watch more jidaigeki stuff.

-Takumi-kun series: Soshite Harukaze ni Sasayaite****1/2
My first time watching a boys love film. I loved the cast and the storyline was quite interesting. I was really impressed by Kato Keisuke and Yanagishita Tomo.

-Takumi-kun series: Niji-iro no Garasu**
I thought the acting was a bit stilted and the quality of the video was poor but that could be due to the file itself. It was not as good as the first film, especially with this new cast. I also thought that they showed too much with the love scene.

-Takumi-kun series: Details of Beauty**
Three actors from three different Super Sentai series were in this movie. Not a fan of the quality of the video nor the pace. I am not a fan of Hamao Kyosuke's acting in this role. I found this film to be a bit boring with a lot of flashbacks. It picked up by the middle of the film because of the drama surrounding the war and disease.

-Takumi-kun series: Pure****
Out of the movies with the new cast, I found this one to be the most interesting thus far. It focused on two other relationships besides Gii and Takumi. Quite complex.

-The First Time***
A shortfilm about an unloved girl who teaches her friend how to get close with his girlfriend. Abrupt ending.

-The Magic Hour****
Interesting plot and setting, with a good ending. Basically, an actor is hired to play a role without knowing that everyone else is acting out their normal lives.

-The Pavillion Salamandre**
While having a good cast, the movie itself did not make sense at all.

-Thermae Romae*****
I am slowly starting to believe that any movie Abe Hiroshi is in is gold. But how could I not love this movie? I love Latin and the classics, and that they combined this with Japanese and the main theme of bathhouses? Ingenious! I loved the back and forth time traveling and resulting hilarity. Good job speaking Latin!

-The Seaside Motel****1/2
Tamayama Tetsuji as a bad boy again, but I like it. Interesting film techniques and storyline connection. I wasn't a fan of the ending, though. The torture scenes disturbed me.

-Toki wo Kakeru Shoujo*****
Why is time traveling so sad? I liked the science and methods of time traveling used in this film. It was interesting to see Japan in the 70s as well. The biggest surprise was Matsushita Yuya's appearance in the film as well as an insert song by him "Futari".

-Tokyo Tower****
Racy tale of adultery. Okada Junichi and Matsumoto Jun's characters couldn't be any more different except that they were each having an affair with an older, married woman. Kozi was a player. The ending was conclusive, though.

-Tornado Girl***
Great cast but more of a guy's movie. A femme fatale plays 3 guys who all work together.

-TRICK: Last Stage****1/2
This one was very meta at the beginning referencing Nakama Yukie the actress and Yankumi. Overseas case! I believe this was the last one ending with a sacrifice and somewhat open ending. I liked how they went over Naoko's history.

-Trick the Movie*****
Cool, so many magic tricks. Good plot. Treasure is their goal.

-Trick The Movie: Psychic Battle Royale*****
Perhaps the last movie in the Trick series? I'm not sure if they will make more. Some of the psychics were ridiculous and funny. Two sad stories. I enjoyed the Edo period opening and how it was worked into the climax of the movie.

-Trick 2 The Movie*****
Crazy, funny special effects. I spotted some similarities to Gokusen. Action/adventure thrill ride.

-Ultra Miracle Love Story****
Really weird. Some funny, silly, and crazy parts. Typical Matsuyama Ken'ichi movie, I suppose?

-Virgin Snow****1/2
Three languages, good filming, pottery and painting. A love story between a Korean boy and Japanese girl. Sad moments but happy ending.

-Wangan Midnight*****
Fascinating even though it's about cars. Good music and action-packed.

-Water Boys*****
Awesome male synchronized swimming! Great concept and funny. Tamaki Hiroshi is so different in this one though from what he has done recently.

-Wild Seven****1/2
Eita! Shockingly violent scenes and great filming techniques. Cool concept and plot with a nice cast.

-Wo Ai Ni in Tokyo****1/2
I love Furukawa Yuki and there is so much English in this movie but it is a bit awkward.

Fake stores and places. Perverted, funny, and weird. They have a weekly fighting schedule! A Japanese Indiana Jones. Musical elements. Great ending song.

-Yomei Ikkagetsu no Hanayome****
Very sad. Based on a true story. Eikura Nana did a great job.

-Yougishi X No Kenshin*****
Weird math genius vs. Physics professor! Sad ending. Unexpected explanation. They can just go on and on with Galileo but I'm guessing this is the end.

-Yume Juya***1/2
Ten night of dreams, interrelated with mostly hanging endings. One: confusing, stagehands seen. Two: silent, interesting filming techniques. Three: Scary. Four: Reminds me of the Sailormoon SuperS movie. Five: Scary, repeating. Six: Funny, anachronistic. Carving by modern dance. Seven: Cool setting, anime. Entirely in English. Eight: Images. Pet monster. 9: Weird. 10: Gross. Cute and weird Matsuyama Ken'ichi as usual. Ridiculous, shocking.


-99-nen no Ai~JAPANESE AMERICANS~*****
All star cast. History as told by a young boy and elderly siblings. Very moving and sad, and historically accurate with some black and white footage from those days. It is definitely a must watch for everyone!

-Akihabara@DEEP SP (Secret)*****
Behind the scenes, dictionary, tour, cast interviews. Very fun to watch!

-Attention Please 2007 SP****
Hawaii, Honololu version. So funny! More English. Harada Natsuki's fake tan. Nice Hawaiian legends and romance. Ryo! No confession though, which was disappointing.

-Attention Please 2008 SP*****
Australia, Sydney version. Good English. Funny and heartwarming, just like the series. The characters really matured here. Side note: Aibu Saki's wardrobe was wonderful. No appearance by Ryo though.

-Chance! SP*****
English songs from the 70s and Ne-Yo. Actresses spoke English fairly well. Pretty funny with a good lesson, though idealized.

-Code Blue SP*****
Very exciting with a more conclusive ending than the drama. I was glad that the one boy who seemed like a failure in the drama finally proved himself here.

-Galileo SP****
I missed Utsumi! Two cases in one. Miura Haruma! The performance at the end was kind of cool.

-Gokusen SP*****
Great ending for the first season with some tear-jerking scenes.

-Gokusen 2 Reunion SP*****
Review for the main five students and the tearful graduation episode. Newer footage included cut scenes, secrets amongst the cast, and musical performances by Kame and D-51.

-Gokusen 3 SP*****
Funny and overexaggerated. New problem! Heartwarming as usual so I cried.

-GTO SP*****
Return of Onizuka! Great plot dealing with children's homes and big solo fighting scene. It took a while for me to watch the SP after seeing the series but all my memories came rushing back upon seeing the cast members.

-GTO 2013 SP*****
Great plot. I cried towards the end. Uno Misako from AAA plays a big role in it.

-GTO Graduation SP*****
Focus on students of first graduating class! Great, da.

-GTO Taiwan*****
Great short 4-episode special with Onizuka and his two friends in Taiwan. He made quite a difference in the students' lives within just a few days.

-Hajimari no Uta****
Story about the hometown of Hagi. Of course I watched it for MatsuJun. Good story and film.

-Hanazakari no Kimitachi e SP*****
So funny! Of course I enjoyed Sano and Nakatsu's arguments, Nakatsu's monologues, and all the other sillyness. It was interesting to see a different side of Sano. I liked how they focused on Nakatsu but I didn't see much of Kayashima. I realized how many guys I was actually attracted to; it truly is an ikemen paradise.

-Happy! ~Namida no Sumasshu~ SP*****
Tennis with interesting cast of characters. Great ending song "Real Face #1". Aibu Saki did well.

-Happy! 2 SP****1/2
Comic recap. More drama. Hanging ending. Will there be more?

-Hidarime Tantei EYE SP****
Yokoyama Yu!! It reminds me of Bloody Monday but with powers. Big twist!

-Hitsudan Hostess*****
I was really impressed with Kitagawa Keiko's performance. It turned out to be quite a heavy special. Lots of good sayings, though, and quite inspirational.

-Ichi Rittoru no Namida SP****
Mostly a review of the most poignant scenes from the drama but it also has quite a few new clips, more than similiar review SPs of other dramas.

-Itazurana Kiss 2: Love in Okinawa SP*****
I've been looking forward this so much! Very tasteful romantic scenes. I love the dynamic/contrast between the two main characters.

-Jiken Kyumeii ~IMAT no Kiseki~ ****1/2
Does evil run in the family? Police and doctors work together at the crime scene. Tamaki Hiroshi x Tanaka Kei.

-Jyoou no Kyoushitsu SP*****
The retraining center and part of Maya's back story. Quite sad.

-Jyoou no Kyoushitsu SP2*****
Second half of Maya's past. Shocking and sad.

-Kanojo to no Tadashii Asobikata****
Mizushima Hiro was so young in this! I mainly watched it for him. The female lead is too annoying and always plays such characters.

-Kindaichi Shonen no Jikembo 3 SP*****
Very good movie. I loved the twist and suspense. Suzuki Anne's character was funny. Good job, MatsuJun!

-Kindaichi Shounen no Jikenbo 2005 SP*****
Funny and clever. Tanaka and Nakamaru have a cameo in it. Vampires! Revenge again.

-Kindaichi Shonen no Jikenbo 2013****1/2
Mandarin and Japanese as this was filmed in Hong Kong. Love the skateboarding scene, but not a fan of the HSJ boys' hairdos nor of Yamada Ryosuke as Kindaichi. Great cast, especially the guys.

-Kindaichi Shonen no Jikenbo 2014****
Study trip to Malaysia with lots of students murdered! Hiroki Narimiya as the villain! The Chinese actor is very handsome.

-Kono Sekai no Katasumi ni****1/2
Star-studded cast focusing on the war in the 1940's, particularly on one housewife played by Kitagawa Keiko. Sad film but touching.

-Last Friends SP***
Mostly a review. I watched the edited version.

-Liar Game Reborn SP: Fukunaga vs. Yokoya****
Interesting but complicated game of Taboo. Both guys are annoying.

-Lucky Seven SP*****
I love this team! Action packed from the opening. Another Johnny's in this movie, Nakamaru Yuichi. Hilarious, especially Eita x MatsuJun. Great plan.

-Marathon SP****
Based on a true story. Nino's acting as an autistic person was really believable. Good film.

-Meitantei Conan SP****1/2
Pirate ship. 3 games. Familiar actors and actresses. Not as easy as the newer specials seem. I think it makes Conan a bit more realistic.

-Meitantei Conan SP 2****1/2
Size changes. Not sure who Haibara is as I have not watched the anime at all. Nevertheless, I felt this was suspenseful and very well done. Oguri Shun is a great actor. The guy from the Black Organization made me think I was watching the wrong thing (Kuroshitsuji).

-Meitantei Conan SP 3****1/2
Although I haven't seen the first two, I thought this one was pretty interesting and cool. There were some funny moments too. I look forward to the drama, and plan to go back and watch the first two specials. But why are mysteries occurring in isolated places all the time?

-Meitantei Conan SP 4****1/2
Two cases in one special. Mizobata Junpei speaks quite a bit of English in this one. I thought that the filming would have taken place at Eigamura Park but I'm not sure. I like the two young detective and girl couples.

-Mou Yuukai Nante Shinai SP****
Ohno dreams of becoming a super hero? Star cast with 2 great cameos. Mostly a comedy involving yakuza.

-MW Dai-0-sho: Akuma no Gemu*****
Koide Keisuke! Intense and dangerous. Multiple deaths and aim for revolution. Reminded me of Zeni Geba at certain key points.

-Myu no Anyo Papa ni Ageru****
Based on a true story. How refreshing it is to watch MatsuJun again! Sad and frustrating to watch, yet a heartwarming family story.

-Niini no Koto wo Wasurenaide SP****
Shocking moments that reminded me of Ryo's character from Last Friends. Lots of facts. The SP started out with the ending and was too quickly paced until it slowed down halfway.

-Ninkyo Helper SP****
Set a year later after the drama. Very sad and hanging ending. Not enough of the ikemen as I had wanted.

-Nodame Cantabile SP*****
Becky and Eiji Wentz. Good French. Now this is what I call a real SP, mostly new stuff and minimal flashbacks. More hilarity. Eita's hair is even crazier here. Funny subtitle comment at beginning of both parts. Funny ending sequence for episode 1. So over the top. Yamada Yu, grrr! Weird relationship and violence. I loved Chiaki's gameboard imagination sequence. Great ending.

-Proposal Daisakusen SP****1/2
Tada and Tsuru are both good men. Hawaii! Ken does a good job. One more trip to the past! Conclusive ending.

Nice stories though they made me depressed. MatsuJun with an older woman?

-Rich Man Poor Woman SP***1/2
Episode 0 less than 12 minutes long. It shows the backstory in 2004 of how Next Innovation started. Mostly clips from other episodes put together.

-Rinne no Ame****1/2
Very short special. Kakkoii Yamamoto Yusuke!! Seto Koji's acting was impressive. A story of abuse and brotherly love/responsibility. The ending did not have enough closure for me, however.

Mostly a review of the series with maybe only about ten minutes of new footage. It reminds me of the Liar Game final episode in that respect. It leads up to the movie, though, which I am really excited about watching.

-Saigo no Bansan SP****1/2
Star-studded cast. Complicated case and interesting interpretation regarding Leonardo DaVinci's "The Last Supper". Haruma's cameo at the end was very cute.

-Saigo no Yakusoku*****
So exciting to see all of Arashi together agai. Intense and a twist, though I caught on about halfway.

-Security Police SP***
Lots of past clips, a review which helped me understand the drama more. Inconclusive ending leading up to a movie.

-Sensei wa Erai! SP*****
Daydreaming Yuto, silly girls - even the nurse, disgruntled Daiki, and innocent Chinen. Ryosuke's character is like in his other dramas. Note the YamaPi magazine on Chinen's desk! English homeroom teacher. Shibuya fascination and funny imagination sequences. Unexpected ending though.

-Shiawase no Soup wa Ikaga****1/2
Hong Kong and Japan collaboration. Cats! Three languages: Cantonese, Japanese, and English used. Funny and moving.

-Shibatora SP*****
I had forgotten a lot about what happened in the dorama, but was quickly reminded of it all. Intense, exciting, and quite good.

-Shimane no Bengoshi SP****
Nakama Yukie played another over-the-top hard working professionalal, this time being a lawyer. This tanpatsu focused on three compelling cases, all having to do with family. The ending itself wasn't conclusive enough for me, though, and one of the cases was not closed.

-Tantei Gakuen Q SP*****
They look so young from just a year prior to the drama. Back story of exams to get into detective school: very exciting, sometimes funny, and overall very good.

-Team Batista no Eiko SP 2****
Mystery with some recaps though it was okay since it's been a while from the time I watched the drama. Pretty interesting.

-The Game 2009*****
Not sure if this fits under the category of Tanpatsu but it is a collection of short films. I thought it was awesome! This is how I first noticed Yanagisawa Takahiko and Uehara Takuya. Great collection of stories. Hilarious and ridiculous. Really cool games. Sato Takeru made me laugh everytime. I liked how the same actors played different roles for each of the shorts. Not enough of Haruma though, understandably since he was doing his stage play at the time.

-The Game 2010*****
Even better than last year's! I enjoyed the opening, Game03, and Game05 the most. Game04 was kind of scary, except for the fact that Kimi-chan doesn't scare me. The event, backstage, and making had tons of funny moments. Highly recommended.

-Trick Shinsaku SP****
Funny and ridiculous. Classic Trick themes. A bit of a sad story, though.

-Trick Shinsaku Special 2****1/2
Another sad story and scary! Kansai-ben. Big twist at the end. Oh, hateful women and their grudges.

-TRICK Shinsaku Special 3****1/2
Very weird family. Tying in stories and revenge.

-Uchuu Kyodai****1/2
This reminded me of Kamen Rider Fourze. How did they make Oguri Shun look so awful in this film? I was interested in watching the astronaut training. Okada Masaki was adorable as usual.

-Unfair The End****
I haven't watched the series but watched this film, starting from the ending. Betrayal and violence. Interesting that Eita and his little brother were involved in the series.

-Wagaya no Rekishi*****
All star cast and cameos, seriously. Interesting history of their family and how it coincides with post war Showa Japan. Very compelling. I really got into it, but then again, I am into the classics and old time stuff.

-Water Boys 2005夏*****
Really inspirational and touching two part summer special. Glad to see some familiar faces again. I wish they made more Water Boys!

-Yonimo Kimyona Monogatari: 15th Anniversary Special*****
All the stories were good. The one starring MatsuJun was weird, but his character is the same type of character he usually plays.

-Yonimo Kimyou na Monogatari: 2009 Fall SP****
Toma in the Law of Recycling Suicides! His hair isn't that bad. Weird, evil, scary like Battle Royale. Horrible ending, but that is usual.

-Yonimo Kimyona Monogatari: Sainoudama*****
Great story. I knew it would end with a twist, but I was quite happy with it. I enjoyed seeing Sakurai Sho with different talents.

-Yume wo Kanaeru Zo SP****1/2
Oguri Shun in another comedy. He speaks English well at the beginning. Cameo by Tsuyoshi Abe. Good tasks and lessons for success.

-Zettai Kareshi SP****
Engagement. Reset! So many robots! Control for mission. Two love stories in one. Sad ending again.

Japanese doramas

So here's where I'll be talking mostly about Japanese dramas. They are listed in alphabetical order. The little asterisks represents stars on a regular 1-5 scale. Comments follow. WARNING: Very long. I even had to separate my entries. Also, there may be some spoilers.

There are separate entries for movies and specials (tanpatsu), as well as stage plays and Super Hero Time.

Here we go!

My Favorite Drama of All Time

Currently enjoying:

-Kimi wa Petto (2017)****
Not sure the original really needed a remake but so far I'm enjoying it. Shison Jun really does have puppy dog eyes.

My Stack:
Boku no Ita Jikan
Death Note

Previously viewed:

-0 Goshitsu no Kyaku****
Interesting concept. I like the transition between stories. I realized a lot about human nature from this short drama. The setting is beautiful and Yokoyama Yu is charming as usual. I loved the theme song right away! Shameless marketing for Johnny's, just pay attention to the wall of fame. Bloopers at the end of the last episode.

-14 sai no haha****1/2
I was so suspicious watching this drama at the start. Very upsetting family drama. Shida Mirai and Haruma look so young here. Cute Haruma but his character is kind of annoying. I recognize many of the actresses. So many motherly signs and symbols in the background. I cried a lot towards the end. The ending was fair.

-37-sai de Isha ni Natta Boku ~Kenshui Junjo Monogatari~****1/2
Ageism. Nice cast for the medical team. Renn as one of the residents! Emotional and stressful. I got teary eyed practically every episode. Mixed feelings on the ending. I think they sped up too much at the end without explaining what happened in between.

-Akai Ito*****
A heavy drama. Romantic and compelling with a lot of unexpected moments. Clearly from the title, a lot has to do with believing in fate. I was relieved over the ending after being stressed out watching with my hand clapped over my mouth for most of the later episodes.

Yes! A Toma drama once again. Dark and weird, even shocking but fun to watch. Pretty funny and silly. Another case drama but more interesting than others I've watched probably because it's about otaku. I like their references; there was even one to Dekaranger!

Great cast and concept! I am fascinated by dreams. I love that dream interpretation is so critical to the story and every episode. Gackt <3 The little girl is really cute too.

-Alice in Liar Game****
Shortest drama ever. This little girl Alice is creepy, but her face looks like a piglet when she is not in the organization. Fast paced and dark.

-Alice no Toge*****
Justified revenge! It's awesome to see Ueno Juri play such a role. She has such a wide acting range; this is the total opposite of Nodame. It was nice to see Odagiri Jo as well, haven't watched him in anything for a while. Excellent series. I loved the altered Alice medical cards.

-Asuko March!****1/2
Matsuzaka Tori plays a host! Quite a few of my favorites in this one: Kaku Kento, Furukawa Yuki, Nagayama Kento. Interesting concept of a technical school but I am not a fan of any of the girls. The grandpa is funny. Sly teacher. Good lessons.

-Atashinchi no Danshi*****
I loved this drama from the very beginning. The outlandish set, unpredicability, great cast, and humor are just my taste. Heartwarming moments amongst silliness, sadness, and shock. Love hexagon? Great ending.

-Attention Please*****
Ueto Aya dramas always have closeups of her face. Lots of the same actresses I see in other dramas. Interesting concept of a punk girl training to become a cabin attendant. I didnt realize that the job was that demanding. Funny situations, touching. Aibu Saki's character liked Ryo's character and got rejected again. Ryo was kind of cute here. English usage! Ending sequence with different JAL uniforms throughout the years.

-Avarenbo Mama*****
Modern family drama. So many closeups of Ueto Aya's face. What can I say? I haven't watched an Ueto Aya drama I haven't liked yet. Mukai Osamu makes a cute teacher.

A different kind of drama since it was about cooking and achieving your dream. Great theme song though and MatsuJun was cho kawaii here. Quite inspirational.

Reminds me a bit of Kami no Shizuku except this is more about mixology. Always great to watch an Aiba drama. Nice cast.

Police academy drama! Of course they have to pit Taipi and Hiromitsu against each other. I nearly cried every episode. The sporting events were also very intense! I wish these series was longer. Loved the S class!

-Binbo Danshi****
Short drama. Miura Haruma was cute here. It helped me learn more about debt. The opening sequence with the toilets was strange... but the ending was good.

-Bitter Blood*****
Great premise and nice cast. Action packed episodes! Furukawa Yuki looks so good in this but his scenes are too short! I'm looking forward to what happens with the "to be continued" note at the end of the final episode.

-Bloody Monday****
A dark and heavy drama. Biological terrorism is scary... Genius hacker Miura Haruma is so cute in this drama. Extremely intense and suspenseful! Spies, blackmail, many casualties. Deception, big twists, intrigue, good sayings and imagery. No one is trustworthy.

-Bloody Monday 2*****
Intense with lots of surprises. I'm excited to watch this again. Lots of love for HaruTake. The historical quotes are great.

-Bouchou Mania 09***1/2
Many cases and imagination sequences per episode.

-Buzzer Beat*****
Great cast. Funny. A sports romantic comedy. Fate? I can't believe Aibu Saki's character here. She sure can act. So many bold characters! I liked it. Great ending, though a bit cheesy.

-Celeb to Binbo Taro****1/2
A funny and compelling story of two people living in different worlds. Possibly a reverse Cinderella story in some aspects? I'm starting to think that whatever drama Ueto Aya is in is good, but I need to watch more to prove this theory. For some unknown reason, the structure of the opening and ending were different for episodes 9 and 10. No idea why. There were quite a few surprises in this drama.

-Cleopatra na Onnatachi****
Different kind of role for Sato Ryuta. The plastic surgery scenes make me queasy and uncomfortable. Nice cast. Provokes the viewer to think about 'what is beauty?' Overall, a sad drama.

-Code Blue****1/2
Young in-flight training doctors. I can relate to their feelings of failure and types of problems. The cast is great! I didn't realize that Yamapi's voice was that deep though.

-Code Blue 2*****
Exciting and pretty intense from the first episode. Heavy and quite emotional. A lot to do with family and problems amongst the doctors.

-Dear Sister****1/2
A heart wrenching drama about two very opposite sisters and how they reunite after several years apart. Overall, great story and drama. Worth watching!

-Death Game Park*****
Kato Keisuke plays crazy characters very well. I was really impressed with the games, actors, special effects, and twists! The stars have special abilities/skills. It was really interesting, but the ending confused me.

-Delicious Gakuin****1/2
Miura Ryosuke is so cute! <3 Channaka!! Silly and overexaggerated drama. Love the cast of 5 ikemen. Great guest stars and multiple languages. The battles at the end were the most exciting. Look out for the 'omuraisu no uta'!

-Don Quixote****
Kinda random with the Spanish music. LOL-worthy. Some stressful situations with the child care cases, especially for the first two episodes. Good drama. I enjoyed it.

-Dxtown: "Bokura ga Renai Dekinai Riyuu"****1/2
Yamada Yuki! High school love story. Kind of rushed since it is only four episodes. I was pleased with the conclusion.

-Dxtown: "Spy Tokuku"***1/2
Seto Koji. Super confusing and weird. Cantonese. Some cool, clever tricks. Suddenly became more interesting at episode 3. I need subs for this one. Too much review from the previous episode in the next one.

-Engimono Series #11 - Kuruugamama****
Serious Aiba, I was pleasantly surprised! Interesting gambles and quite a few twists.

-Fuma no Kojiro*****
A different sport or art in every episode. Adios? Awesome music. Murai Ryota is so great in this! He doesn't wear a shirt under his blazer, and he's hilarious! Cool special effects. Good cast, no wonder they made a butai version. I'm really getting into the fight scenes with powers. Kind of sad though.

-Futatsu no Spica****1/2
Good cast and quite interesting! Story about friendship, youth, and a common desire to become astronauts. I learned quite a bit from this.

Familiar faces again with logical explanations to phenomena. Very interesting. This makes physics cool. I think I like detective dramas. The ending sequence is cool and the warning funny. It got darker and scary towards the end.

-Galileo II****
Passing the torch to another female detective. More murder cases with famous guest stars!

-Ganbatte Ikimasshoi****1/2
I recognize these actresses. Funny. Uchi Hiroki is pretty good looking, that's too bad what happened with him. School, sports, and the friendship of girls. I like the way Etsune talks, like an old lady. She reminds me of Usagi. Cute Junno! Exciting and very emotional sports drama. Some idolatry. Conclusive ending.

-Ghost Friends*****
Ridiculous with funny references. Nissy is pretty cute. Good plot but reminds me of Ghost Whisperer. Out-of-this-world love triangle. Cute and romantic. Kind of about art school as well. Bittersweet ending.

I wish I could have happiness with Koji for 12 hours. Great concept. All D Boys.

I see three guys from Gokusen 3's 3-D class as the hosts. I'm learning about how host clubs work as well as age discrimination for jobs. Hecka drama: infighting, outside competition, manipulation, trying to find a balance, keeping secrets, etc. He taught good lessons to the younger hosts. It kind of reminded me of Gokusen in that respect and ended well!

-Godhand Teru*****
Cool special effects and sometimes funny. Lots of competition at Valhalla. I learned a lot of medical terms from this. Good lesson in these economic times. Only six episodes!

Another all star cast, though MatsuJun's hair was so greasy and his teeth awful. Nakama Yukie did a great job. It has all the elements of what I like to see: action, drama, friendship, teamwork, comedy, high school, life lessons, romance, fantasy. and a powerful female role model.

-Gokusen 2****
Another group of dudes I knew who acted well. I liked the ending song. Glad to see Kuma again. I liked how they kept the plots and characters the same. Loads of girl-crazy guys again except for the leader, Kamenashi Kazuya(a JE dude).

-Gokusen 3*****
Oh how I love to look at Miura Haruma and his awesome hairstyle. I also like how they changed things up a bit in this last installment... the last episode shocked me. I think I cried more for this season than any other. I got used to the ending song. The sillyness and comaderie of this 3-D class was awesome. I also liked Yankumi's little fantasies. Only one non-girl-crazy JE dude, Takaki Yuya. Some stories from before got reworked but still good. Even some of the baddies were handsome, and I liked how they had episodes on host clubs, ikemen cafe, etc.

-Great Teacher Onizuka 2012*****
I love high school dramas with strong, caring teachers (cf. Gokusen). Nice cast and touching stories with dark issues for problem class 2-4 (not 3-D). I cried every episode from episode 5 to the end.

-Hachimitsu to Kuroba****
Art university, serious yet annoying girls, silly boys, multiple love triangles. It really is depressing though, and I already feel sorry for Toma's character from the first episode. Yes, it's a common pattern. Kuma is in here too! Interesting use of metaphors and how one phrase or topic can relate to different people. Very deep life lessons.

-Hakouki SSL ~Sweet School Life~****
First time watching a Shinsengumi drama. I didn't remember Channaka's voice was this deep. Crazy hairstyles.

-Hammer Session!*****
So many ikemen amongst the students and of course I love Moco! All star cast in my eyes. Lots of familiar faces amongst the girls. Cool concept. Such troubled youth. I think my favorite episode was 9. The last episode made me cry a lot!

-Hanayome to Papa*****
I cried a few times watching this, just so dramatic. I totally fell for Taguchi Junnosuke in this drama. He was zettai kareshi. I liked the actress as well; she's pretty.

-Hana Yori Dango*****
Quite dark and the first time I realized that dramas could contain such things.

-Hana Yori Dango Returns*****
Just as good as the first season but more dramatic with an equal amount of tears. I got mad at Umi and the big twist towards the end but it all worked out fine.

-Hanazakari no Kimitachi e*****
Best drama ever. I love this one so much. Great cast, great storyline, and AMAZING soundtrack. This made me fall in love with Ikuta Toma (Nakatsu's monologues and hand gestures are hilarious) AND the words 'ikemen paradaisu'. I could watch this over and over.

-Hanazakari no Kimitachi e 2011***1/2
There are quite a few differences from the 2007 version. Cannot say I am a fan of the female cast but the male cast has some gems. Miura Shohei and many other guys did a good job. The ending had more closure though.

-Happy Boys*****
Hilarious and a nice look in to the butler cafe world. Good cast. I learned a little about the art of tea and desserts.

-Hataraki Man****1/2
Pretty interesting, but I am mostly watching it because my mom's friend recommended it. I learned a lot about hard work from it. And Mokomichi is so handsome!

-Hidarime Tantei EYE****1/2
Nakayama Yuma and Morimoto Shintaro are in it too. Pretty interesting concept. Yokoyama Yu's acting is great. Conclusive ending.

-Higashino Keigo Mysteries****
11 different stories with also a main story connecting all the episodes. A lot of familiar faces in every episode. Some tales are truly frightening.

Drama about wives having affairs and how they ruin the world around them. Kichise Michiko is always gorgeous. I was unhappy with the ending and sometime the story was slow.

Renn is really hot in this drama. I love how serious and hardboiled he is. The premise of the drama is cool and I'm learning a lot about profiling and human psychology including the terminology. The finale was pretty crazy. I really liked the team.

Multilanguage, multiple love triangles, confessions, two familiar faces, and split screen filming. It's quite interesting, and I'm learning how hotels work. Ueto Aya is pretty, and she sang the ending theme. I was pleased with the ending.

-Houkago wa Mystery Totomo ni****
Short after school detective series. Good cast. Ikemen guest stars. Funny main character.

Great concept and cast. Seems like they have melded the roles Mukai Osamu is usually cast in - bassist and chef! I didn't know Mukai Osamu could be this hilarious. But I seriously think Miura Shohei steals the show, he is so charming and attractive. Great comedy. Pleased with the ending.

-Ichi Rittoru no Namida*****
Heartbreaking and depressing. It made me appreciate life, health, friends and family more, though. I believe that my mom and I combined cried a litre of tears. Definitely cannot watch again ever.

-Ikemen desu ne*****
Awesome with outrageous situations! I love the acting, transitions, and fantasy sequences. Great music!! Quite hilarious and intense with tons of surprises. I enjoyed the drama as a whole but I felt the ending was cut short.

-Ikemen Sobaya Tantei***1/2
Silly and funny. Nonsensical and a lot of dialogue. Guest stars.

-Innocent Love*****
Cool opening sequence. Intense and interesting! I was a bit confused at first though. It reminds me a bit of Last Friends and Maou. Twisted and complicated. Stressful to the very end!

Plenty of familiar faces. Some adult scenes and pretty dark, shocking and unorthodox. I had to clap my hand over my mouth sometimes. Very emotional and intense.

-Iryu 2*****
Exciting episode right from the start! Chock full of surprises, twists, plus more and more difficult surgeries and its accompanying decisions. The ending was a bit open but I was pleased with the outcome.

-Iryu 3*****
Team Dragon reunited! More drama this time with catheters and betrayal. I forgot about the cool animations they used in this series to explain things. Iryuu is probably the best medical drama series I've ever seen.

-Iryu 4*****
So good! Reuniting Team Dragon. Intense cases in a small-medium old hospital where Asada got his start! Superb acting. Great ending with someone from the team I had been waiting for!

-IS: Otoko demo Onna demo nai sei****1/2
Super serious so I had delayed in watching it, but it turned out to be quite interesting and compelling that I just had to keep going. Definitely a heavy drama. So many secrets.

-Ishitachi no Renai Jijou****
Love affairs amongst doctors in a university hospital with main focus on surgery department. Overall good ending. I enjoyed seeing doctors who really care for their patients and Aibu Saki as an anesthesiologist and single mother!

-Itazurana Kiss ~LOVE IN TOKYO~****1/2
I have been waiting to watch this! Furukawa Yuki vs. Yamada Yuki! Funny situations and a bit fast paced time line even though there were sixteen 50 minute episodes. Yamada Yuki is so cute! I love all of Kotoko's friends.

-Itazurana Kiss 2: Love in Tokyo*****
I've been looking forward this so much! I love the side romantic storylines - for Yuki and Kinnosuke! All these other women after Naoki, back off! And some other love interests for Kotoko as well. Great ending!

-Jodan ja nai!****1/2
Starts in France. Sketchy concept but funny and gets more interesting as it goes along. Cool ending sequence. Ueno Juri's outfits are adorable. Tanaka Kei!

Super exciting every minute, though I don't approve of the morality of it. Quite a dark drama, and the ending was sad.

-Juui Dolittle*****
A very good drama. Highly recommended. Oguri Shun's hairstyle is not as bad as I had thought. This was a pretty serious medical drama, although I had mistakenly thought that it was more of a romance. Its focus is on the human-animal bond and about a particular family and the relationship between father and son. Quite a bit of politics and blackmail. Huge twist at the end that shocked me. This drama definitely evoked a lot of emotions from me - anger, sadness, and lots of deep thought.

-Jyoou no Kyoushitsu*****
Interesting concept. Lots of facts. Weird ending sequence though, totally opposite feel of the drama. It evokes a lot of emotions from me. Quite extreme. Amami Yuki is impressive, and so are the child actors and actresses. Great drama.

-Kagi no Kakatta Heya****1/2
Interesting drama where Ohno plays a genius locksmith solving closed room cases. Toda Erika looks so plain here.

-Kami no Shizuku****
I'm not really interested in wine but got this drama originally because I thought it would be funny. It's actually pretty serious. I really like "One Drop" by Kat-tun. Pretty good ending.

-Karei Naru Spy****
Great comedy with funny sound effects even though they are fighting against terrorism. Cool weapons, famous actresses, lots of cosplay since they are spies!

-Kaseifu no Mita****1/2
Strange drama about a robot-like housekeeper with no emotions. A father of 4 children pushed his wife to suicide because of his affair. So much crying!

-Kimi wa Petto*****
Odd premise. So many familiar faces, but Eita has regular hair?! Young MatsuJun but very cute, even with uber curly hair, curlier than HanaDan. This role is a tad different from his usual roles. A successful woman and affectionate men. Funny. Lots of kissing. Ended well.

-Kindaichi Shonen no Jikenbo 3*****
A bit funny and scary. Cute MatsuJun! Interesting cases. Awesome ending sequence with "Jidai".

-Kisarazu Cat's Eye*****
Great cast! Funny. Baseball, stealing, and antics. Weird characters and interesting filming method that happens every episode.

Funny and outrageous. The theme song gets stuck in my head! Every episode is a different story. Lots of guest stars.

A story about childhood friends who were each other's unknown first loves who reunited 7 years later. A love triangle with two Aoi's.

Seto Koji as Hiro. Shocking and different from the movie, though I have to say the actors for the movie looked better except for Nozomu. I have to sigh a lot. Heartwrenching but more closure at the end.

Great premise, all star cast, and funny. Marriage hunting and neighborhood saving.

Bang! Yamapi did some good acting in this drama. I laughed every time he did that quick smile with his eyes closed. His disguises were crazy. The vocabulary, chases, and love triangle were also cool. Overall though, I wasn't as excited watching this drama compared to all the hype I've heard about it. I love the opening song, though, and the filming of the sequence is cool too. This is like the second time Yamapi and Horikita Maki have worked together in a drama.

-Kurumi no Heya****
At first I thought this drama was a bit boring but it turned out to be interesting although stressful because of all the family drama. Human relationships are so complex.

What a different role for Haruma! An adult romantic comedy. Bonus: Yamamoto Yusuke for two episodes! I was rooting for Tachibana, as I usually root for the friend.

-Last Friends*****
Real friendship. Dang Ryo! I'm scared of him and his creepiness. Crazy hair Eita once again. Cool, very expressive opening sequence with ribbons. Unlucky girl, bad family. A heavy and intense drama. Good ending.

-Liar Game****
Nice opening sequence (color choice, etc) and premise. You really can't trust anyone... or so it seems. I like how the episodes are not long and how the last episode is both the finale and special (although most of it was recap). Matsuda Shota did a great job. It was also interesting to see Toda Erika in a lead role (her character was good). Exciting!

-Liar Game 2*****
New mind games with familiar guest stars. Shocking and interesting. So many twists per episode!

-Lost Days****1/2
Suspenseful from the start. Love the male cast! Hanging ending!!

-Love Shuffle*****
Classic English pop songs. Nice premise with good metaphors. Pretty shocking since it's more adult with loose morals. Blooper ending sequences!

-Lucky Seven*****
All star cast. I missed watching Jun and Eita, so great to see them together and as detectives. I like that this detective drama is not as scary as others. Cool teamwork. Awesome fight scenes!

-Majo Saiban*****
Toma's first solo leading drama! I loved his color and photos! He's so silly and cute though swayed by women and money. Intense and so many twists. I want a THINK TWICE t-shirt. I also love the little nuances with the colors. Toma's yakisoba hair isn't half bad. His fashion sense and assortment of outfits are wonderful, and he plays a good, smart person as he usually does. This role definitely laid the groundwork for his role in Ningen Shikkaku. The show itself reminded me of Liar Game in content and running time, while the imperfect people of The Quiz Show 2. Needless to say, I was very jealous of Higa Manami. I did not approve of the ending.

Ikuta Toma sure does a lot of running in this drama but he's definitely the hottest detective I have ever seen. Ohno can be scary at times. It's very interesting with the different tarot cards and victims. I really like broody Toma and his clothes! I love "Truth" and the opening sequence! This series definitely made me tense every episode. Toma should win an award for his amazing dramatic acting. Ohno did a good job too. The ending was hanging but mostly conclusive and good. I nearly cried.

-Mei-chan no Shitsuji*****
Outrageous and hilarious with magic. A mix of Hanazakari no Kimitachi e and Hana Yori Dango. I want my very own ikemen butler. Heartwarming bond between butler and lady. Very dramatic and shocking towards the end.

-Meitantei Conan****1/2
Another great detective series! Past cases to escape the white room trap. Gets more intense as it goes on.

-Meitantei no Okite****
Funny. Matsuda Shota is incredibly cute here. It's kind of weird though and breaks the rules of cinema in that the characters are aware that they are characters and comment about it a lot. Galileo spoof in last episode. Ending was nonsensical.

-Minami-kun no Koibito 2015****
It does remind me a bit of Itazurana Kiss at first. Interesting concept. I've never seen some of these actors before. A very cute high school romance.

Creepy Katori Shingo. Quite comedic. I love detective dramas. I had forgotten that Yamapi could be funny. Also I love Yanagihara Kanako! She's so cute. Note that the first and last episodes are long.

-Mop Girl****1/2
Nice cast and plot. Funny and surprising because of certain topics. I like Kitagawa Keiko's clumsy, fantasizing, and boy crazy character. The cosplay and connections are cool too. Some stories are sad though. It reminded me of a detective drama.

I had been waiting to see this drama for a long time because of the concept and Channaka. It's very educational with cute microbes! Every episode starts off with a special titles. Crazy turn of events/complicated stories and relationships.

-MR BRAIN*****
Blonde No. 3 host Takuya becomes a neuroscientist? Very interesting show. High tech and Physiology. Tortoise Matsumoto is such an odd name, though. Guest stars! I learned a lot and liked the little CGI explanations.

-My Boss, My Hero*****
Ridiculous and hilarious! I love the themes to every episode and St. Agnes' pudding. Really good drama.

-My Girl*****
Aiba's outfits are awesome and I love his laugh. Cute girl. Great song and cool graphics. Heartwarming, touching, funny and cute. I cried a lot especially for the final episode. Very good drama.

-Mysterious Summer****1/2
Language is Mandarin. Furukawa Yuki is the narrator! Mostly scary episodes, some with hanging endings or just very strange and confusing, some tear jerkers. Every episode varies in length of time from 17 to 35 minutes.

-Nanase Futatabi****1/2
Amazing telepathic abilities! I was immediately reeled in. It was very exciting and suspenseful. It was amazing to see how they represented those supernatural abilities. Highly recommended, though the ending was upsetting.

-Natsu no Koi wa Nijiiro ni Kagayaku*****
It's so refreshing to watch a MatsuJun drama again! Nice glimpse into the world of actors. There's quite a bit of comedy in this as well. I enjoyed it a lot!

-Nazotoki no Dinner wa Ato de****
Clever butler with half-boiled detectives. Lavish scenes and outfits. Funny with notable guest stars. Dramatic and sometimes scary since mostly about murders.

-Nihonjin no Shiranai Nihongo****1/2
Ridiculous and funny with some serious moments. I'm learning Japanese from it too. I think Naka Riisa looks better like this.

-Ninkyo Helper*****
Black kitty! Quite a few ikemen: Mukai Osamu, Yuki Jutta, and of course Yamamoto Yusuke. He was so hot here, and I like when he's serious. Tomboy Kuroki Meisa. Player Kota Yabu. Familiar celebs. Intense, violent, unpredictable, and depressing because of the elderly. I cried for a few episodes. The plot twists were crazy. I enjoyed this drama very much.

-Nobunaga no Chef****1/2
Ikemen chef with amnesia, fancy meals, nice cast, time slip, and a history lesson on feudal Japan makes for a good drama. Some of the war stuff was a bit boring for me, but overall I enjoyed the relationships in the drama. I was pleasantly surprised and happy with the ending.

-Nobuto wo Produce*****
Familiar faces. Funny jokes and Engrish. Great ending song "Seishun Amigo". Unlikely friendship.

-Nodame Cantabile*****
I love it! International. Young Chiaki spoke excellent English. Koide Keisuke! All star cast. Eita with crazy hair again. Hilarious little things and imagination sequences. Music. I like Nodame's clothes. The last episode was very satisfying though Chiaki and Nodame's relationship is quite odd.

Teppei and Keitachi! Funny, cute, and interesting, reminding me of Suppli a bit. Akiyama-sensei and the principal do a lot of fun activities outside of school. The karaoke scene in episode 8 is great. Teppei sings! The first song was GReeeeN's "Kiseki". Good songs, manipulative women, and random special effects. Very exciting towards the later episodes.

-Oh! My Girl!!***1/2
Mainly, a family drama. Not as good as I thought it would be considering the main stars. All I can think about when I see Mokomichi is how well he played a robot.

-Oishii Puropozu****1/2
Random English. A nice love story with a focus on Italian cuisine. Not a fan of the hanging ending though. It leaves a lot to the viewer's assumptions.

-Onnatachi wa Nido Asobu****
All star actresses. Peach! Most of the stories were weird. Warning: full back nudity of the stalker in third episode. I felt like all of the women were users! The fourth story was probably the most normal. The last one was a bit funny.

-One Pound no Fukuin*****
It's wonderful to see Kamenashi Kazuya play such a crazy, silly, and funny character. So overexaggerated! Impossible relationship, funny opening sequence, "Lips". Kame is so energetic and different here. Very good drama. I was pleased with the ending.

-Orange Days*****
All star cast. Human drama with lots of sign language. I'm even learning some. Funny situations. Captivating, heartwarming, and emotional with surprises! Intense, cute and romantic. Some sad moments and very powerful. A wonderful drama which I enjoyed from beginning to end.

-Orthros no Inu*****
Clever and captivating concerning superpowers contrary to their owner's characters. Not as scary as I had thought but shares some similarities with MAOU. Very dramatic with a good opening song and sequence. Contains some animated sequences. Politics, atonement, and the difference between kids and adults. I was very pleased with this drama.

-Otoko no Kosodate****
Though a bit slow at first, it turned out to be a heartwarming and funny story. However, I probably would not have watched this for the story alone had not w-inds. "Beautiful Life" been the theme song. The son's teacher looks like she could be Aiba Masaki's sister. The neighbor boy was really cute.

Short summer and normal length fall episodes. Overexaggerated beginning. Silly, scary, and funny. Cool ending sequence and great song. Kimura Ryo always plays a bad boy now. Cute Okada Masaki! Seto Koji kawaii! Funny teacher and class. Good concept. Hilarious imagination sequences/references. I love it! I guess I really like doramas based off of shoujo mangas.

-Otona Joshi****1/2
A story about 3 single 40 year old girlfriends looking for love. Oryo and Chiba Yudai are in here!

-Otto no Kanojo*****
A witch? Great plot and cast. Full of misunderstandings, comedy, and tear jerkers. Makes for a good drama.

-Ouran High School Host Club*****
Outrageously hilarious, especially Yamamoto Yusuke! And I don't have to tell you how hot he is. Great cast! I really do love shoujo manga adaptations. I love the cosplay in every episode as well. Chiba Yudai grew on me for sure as well as Daito Shunsuke.

So excited to watch this! I love the cast and Arashi sings the ending song. Toma and Oguri Shun reunited after 8 years! The ending reminded me of Maou. I loved the action scenes and bathhouse scene.

-Party ga Owatta****
Manga opening. The concept was great but not what I expected. It was more weird, sketchy, and a bit funny rather than a romantic comedy. Naka Riisa was whiny for a lot of the stories. My favorite was probably the last story with Koide Keisuke, he is hot as his character. I won't spoil it. I loved the undead dance sequence. The ending was a bit hanging.

-Princess Princess D***
Weird concept. Kind of random. Funny Take. Sometimes boring.

-Proposal Daisakusen****1/2
YamaPi looks good here. Eikura Nana annoys me. Good quotes. Magic and outrageousness! I thought it would just be one trip to the past, but there are multiple. Ending sequence with a live performance by the artist. Korean talk?! Longest wedding ever! Teacher and student love?! Cute drama. I got frustrated with Iwase Ken though. Romance and friendship. Socrates and Ito-sensei were interesting characters.

-Propose Kyodai*****
Great cast especially the four male leads. Only 4 episodes about how each of them get married.

-Puzzle (2007)***
Too much talking. A bit boring, actually. It gets interesting towards the end.

-Puzzle (2008)****
It's interesting to see Ishihara Satomi act as a two-faced teacher. I got sucked in right away... smart handsome students, interesting puzzles, opposite of Yankumi. It's scary; I have to watch it with the light on and sound low. Not as scary by the time I got halfway through it. Funny diagrams and Engrish. Nonconclusive ending, though.

Matsushita Yuya in action! Lots of violence so be forewarned. I like the outfits and the music. The plot is pretty good. It does have its rare funny moments as well. Mandarin is also spoken.

I love this pairing and the unbelievable turn of events every episode! It's hilarious although it makes me think about my own weight. Some things like Mokomichi's character at first was a surprise. Very inspirational.

-Reinoryokusha Odagiri Kyoko no Uso****
Funny and a little bit scary. She's more of a detective than a psychic. Some touching stories. Slight twist at the end.

-Renai Kentei****
Seto Koji plays a vegetarian in the first episode! Four different stories about a love god testing three women and one man.

-Renai Neet****1/2
I wish that Yuki Jutta had more scenes; he was the best looking guy although kind of thin in this role! I have to say that I think anything Nakama Yukie is in is gold. I'm glad she's not really typecast in the same kind of role anymore although this role is akin to Yankumi or Yamada Naoko. I love the cast and the love shapes between them. Also helps that there are cat lovers in this! Pretty satisfied with the ending. I especially liked Tada and Nanako's storyline.

Funny, intense, and emotional. Teamwork and good values as they work towards becoming Super Rangers. Great song and orange colors again! Maru's acting gets better as the show progresses, while Yamamoto Yusuke plays a tough kid, I'm guessing like his role in the ROOKIES movie. Shocking moments and full back nudity.

I like how each episode is only 23 minutes. The vampire lore doesn't make much sense though, and there are no ikemen. It got more exciting towards the end.

-Rich Man, Poor Woman****
Lots of my favorite stars including a cameo by Sudacchi. Intriguing premise/concept. Mean Shun with his disorder. Technology stuff was not that interesting though. An unexpected story of betrayal and forgiveness. I feel that Shun's dramas always has something extra; they are usually not just a love story. I enjoyed the ending.

-Risou no Musuko****
A mother who can eat a lot and the son who loves her. Lots of over the top scenes.

Funny, exciting, and very intense to watch. I got teary eyed for every episode and finally cried for the last one. Another awesome teacher, a surprising principal, and a captain that always cries plus some perverted dudes. I think I like sports dramas: trust, friendship, teamwork. Great ending song, "Kiseki" by GReeeeN, made me want to clap along. I like teachers like this.

-Room of King****1/2
I love the premise of this movie and all the different characters in the room share; there's even a vegetarian! Bonus points! Each episode is only about 40 minutes including the ending sequence and next episode preview. It's a comedy, so it's silly and fun! The ending was a bit unclear, though.

-Runaway: Aisuru Kimi no Tame ni****
Finally getting to watching this drama! Excited about the cast. The premise is quite sad and the episodes are very suspenseful and frustrating! A twist I had suspected by the last episoder. Tearjerker ending.

-Ryusei no Kizuna*****
Though it was funny at the beginning with the swindling dramas within the drama itself, it became more serious at the end as I originally thought. The ending was shocking but good. I enjoyed the theme song, the confusion with Nakashima Mika's character (who was she really?), and the camaraderie amongst the siblings.

Women are scary! I am very impressed with Nakama Yukie playing the role of an evil woman. Nice cast and plenty of intrigue. Very suspenseful with quite a few twists. The ending was so hanging though.

-Samurai High School*****
Hilarious and outrageous! Haruma does a great job playing both characters. So silly and cute! I love the opening sequence. Awesome special effects. Cool henshin. Even Shirota Yu is cute here. Action and comedy with good lessons. I also loved the relationship the dad and son had.

-Saru Lock****
A drama about a locksmith who also doubles as a detective. Ritsuko is really cool! I like the ending sequence with the comparison of them as kids with their current selves. The guys are perverts though. Funny and sometimes scary. Some of the cases made me mad. The ROOKIES reference was hilarious! Strange background music choice.

-Scrap Teacher****1/2
Interesting but kind of random. Outrageous, unbelievable, with references to other dramas I have watched and enjoyed. Students punishing teachers. Weird ending.

-Second Love****
Figured this was a late night drama. A contemporary dancer and high school teacher's romance. Finding one's dream and being talented.

-Security Police*****
Short episodes with a cool opening sequence. Interesting and exciting. Quite intense with special abilities as well as crazy and scary terrorists. My first time watching an Okada Junichi drama. Great action sequences with some light moments. Classical, opera, and choral songs in Latin music. Surprising, what's real and what's imagined? Revenge. Hanging ending.

-Seito Shokun!*****
This drama is deep and oftentimes stressful to watch, but I highly recommend it. It reminds me of Gokusen a bit, even though it's about middle schoolers and has a co-ed class. The teacher is really admirable because of her determination and enthusiasm. I cried quite a bit. Lots of young, famous faces in this drama.

-Sexy Voice and Robo***
Kind of interesting since it's about spies though seemingly disconnected from episode to episode, much akin to Yukan Club and Puzzle (2008). The ending was a bit sad, but the odd relationship of the two main characters was cute. It was funny to see Matsuyama Ken'ichi act as an otaku. Does he always play odd roles like this?

-Share House no Koibito****
Interesting premise! I'm fond of the cast as well. Odd love triangle. Weird characters. Slow pace. Some funny and unbelievable moments. Sometimes I think Mizukawa Asami's dramas are hit or miss, but this drama was pretty heartwarming and ends well.

Super exciting! What an amazing detective to go so far to trust and help people, and he has powers! I'm glad that I bought this drama. I'm a bit surprised that neither Koike Teppei nor WaT sang the ending theme song, though. This drama contains plenty of dark social issues, and it ends where it begins. Kyo Nobuo has a cameo towards the end.

-Shima Shima****
I was dying to watch this drama! The concept is wonderful. I wish it really existed since I have trouble sleeping. Some really great scenes. Sometimes the pace seemed a bit slow but overall the drama was a bit rushed. I enjoyed the ending.

Mostly sad episodes. Episode 2 reminded me of Death Note. Sudacchi as Akuma! Great ending.

-Shinigami no Ballad*****
Very interesting but quite sad. Great opening song. The stories appear to be connected, but I wasn't happy with some of the hanging endings.

-Shiratori Reiko de gozaimasu****
Some outrageous scenes and it felt really sped up, maybe because I have been watching K dramas. I felt like there were a lot of unanswered questions/explanations between the two main characters. Overall, a fun manga turned live action drama.

-Shirayuri Kyodai no Handsome na Shokutaku***1/2
I liked the cooking lessons with directions. I think this drama showed Dori's acting range and it made me fall for Takkun more. It was funny, crazy and weird though. First drama I watched raw. Still waiting on the subs.

-Shiritsu Bakaleya Koukou****1/2
Johnny's Juniors! Some are the younger brothers of more famous Johnny's. Not a fan of the girls. Interesting concept of Catholic school girls and yankee school boys. Never knew yankee schools existed. Fighting ikemen, reminds me of Crows Zero or DROP especially the last episode. Loving the cameos. Some deep issues and the usual strong bonds of friendship in high school that I admire.

-Shitsuren Chocolatier****
Fast paced opening episode. How is Ishihara Satomi not fat eating all that chocolate? Her character is quite annoying. Paris! Loved the cast especially Mizukawa Asami and Sato Ryuta! An adult drama - frustrating yet funny. Loved the fantasy/daydream sequences.

Amuse power! I really want to learn this dance. It's surprising to see TAKA in such a serious role. Gotta love the boys including their quotes and friendship. Plenty of LOL moments but also some shockers.

Hisashiburi, MatsuJun! Working in the food industry again but tan, not looking so great in the future. Weird opening sequence. Oguri Shun is very bad here. Suspenseful and maddening. Powerful and heavy, with a focus on racism. I had to sigh a lot towards the later episodes, and I cried multiple times for the finale. Great drama.

-Sotsu Uta****
Four half-hour stories about different kinds of graduating with popular actresses. I thought that the first story was the best one. I mostly watched this for the third story with Yamamoto Yusuke in it, though.

-ST: Scientific Task Force****
Yet again Fujiwara Tatsuya plays an insane genius! Love the casting especially for the ST unit - every person with amazing skills yet each with their own oddities/fears. But what kind of ending was that?

-Stand Up!!*****
Good drama with an all star cast. Yamapi's character was probably the best though I found Narimiya Hiroki to be hilarious! Interesting plot.

-Sunao ni Narenakute*****
Intense, heavy human drama revolving around Twitter. Funny, cute, very complicated and dark. Good music.

Fate is funny. Eita with crazy hair as usual but kind of a bad boy. Cute Kame. Good songs, opening and ending sequences. I love the four mental mirrors. Misunderstandings and romantic relationships in the advertising business. I cried a lot for the last episode. Great drama.

-Sushi Oji****
A short drama with weird moves and crazy special effects for sushi making. Entertaining though a bit slow and repetitive.

-Suugaku Joshi Gakuen****
Dori is the saving grace of this drama. Overly cutesy girls and mostly incomprehensible math. The stories get more interesting as the drama progresses though.

-Swan no Baka***1/2
A salaryman whom all the ladies like. Basically, a family drama. Some funny moments.

-Sweet Room****
Not much story development and a lot of intimate scenes. I enjoyed "Birthday" the most.

-Switch Girl!!****1/2
My kind of drama - ridiculous and unbelievably hilarious but also endearing with major eye candy. I love Renn so much! Nika's fantasy sequences are so crazy and usually pervy. I was even able to tolerate the kiss scenes.

-Switch Girl!! 2****1/2
Silly fantasies. I think they got bolder and darker with this season. My only complaint with this series is too many kiss scenes between Arata and Nika.

-Tadashii Ouji no Tsukurikata****
What characters the boys are! Short, funny drama. Silly Renn! The opening theme song got stuck in my head like crazy. I enjoyed the cast of boys and the special guest for the last episode!

-Taisetsu na koto no subete kimi ga oshiete kureta****
Quite a heavy, complicated drama that makes me mad and upset. The American music is mostly Pink, but sometimes it is distracting from the subtitles and I don't like some songs. Sudacchi is my saving grace here, he's so silly and adorable. I love that he speaks Kansai-ben in this as well. I was pleased, however, with the ending for the most part.

-Taiyo to Umi no Kyoushitsu****
Sakurai-sensei has a strange way of doing things but teaches his students important lessons and helps them a lot. The individual stories are very compelling, especially the studious girl's. I enjoy Yamamoto Yusuke's character, though they never explained if he ever kissed the assistant teacher or not. Okada Masaki's character is pretty lovable, and how can I forget that Kagimoto Akira is one of the main students? Kitagawa Keiko does a pretty good job as a teacher but seems whiny, compared to Hino Rei in PGSM.

-Takkyu Tanaka 3 Go*****
So dramatic with lots of good train metaphors. Tanaka is a big-mouth. Tetsu friendship, family relations, and 3-on-3 romance drama. This drama exceeded my expectations, and it was Tanaka Koki's first drama.

-Tantei Gakuen Q*****
Captivating from the first episode! Cool opening sequence and nice ending sequence. It reminds me of Akihabara@DEEP but with a younger cast. Lots of familiar minor actors here. Good soundtrack and cast. One of best detective dramas I've seen.

-Team Batista no Eiko****
Mystery and medicine. I learned a lot. The ending was good, but there no way I could have predicted the outcome.

-Team Batista 2: General Rouge no Gaisen****1/2
Focusing on Emergency Medicine department this time around. Very educational and interesting. Good guest stars.

-Team Batista 3: Ariadne no Dangan****
Learning a lot as always from medical dramas. Guchi is adorable as usual. Quite a complex story. Police vs. doctors, forensics vs. autopsy imaging.

-Team Batista 4: Raden no Meikyu*****
So many familiar faces. Sad situation with the end-of-life care hospital. I guessed right about how the hospital director was using the mother-of-pearl room.

Fast pace, short episodes about hosts! It's kind of similar to Jotei, with a good-natured main character but is almost too good to be true.

-The Quiz Show 2*****
I'm pretty surprised at Sho's character, it's very different. Yokoyama Yu seems to play the same type of character in the dramas I've seen of him. Sometimes funny but mostly sad. A twisted love triangle and search for the truth with revenge as the motive. It reminds me a lot of Maou.

-The Secret Message****
T.O.P. and Ueno Juri! Great cameos and cast - CROSSGENE's Shin, Koide Keisuke, etc. Korean and Japanese are spoken. LINE. At first confusing and all over the place maybe since each episode is 10 minutes (web drama).

-Tokujo Kabachi!****
Drama about public notaries and Japanese laws. Lots of reading but not bad. Some touching moments and lots to learn.

-TOKYO Airport****
A drama about air traffic controllers. I really like how the Japanese make dramas of all sorts of professions; they are very educational. It turns out that this is the first drama on air traffic controllers ever. This drama is quite tense as expected of the most difficult job out there but also heartwarming. Lots of English for the commands. I don't understand some of the terminology.

-Tokyo Dogs*****
Silly, hilarious partners with plenty of fight scenes. It starts in America. I love the opening sequence with the name titling and the ending song. It has been a while since I've seen Oguri Shun in a drama, funny yet serious. The Ninkyo Helper and Nodame references were great. Guest star friends.

-Tokyo Ghost Trip****1/2
Different kind of role for Renn. Funny! It's pretty cool with fighting, powers, and twists. BIG twist at the end. A bit scary in episode 2. I love how there's a paw print with every trip number, but we never get to see the cat except in the opening sequence.

So different from Galileo: both characters solve tricks, and Nakama Yukie is another strong female role model. But why does she always star in dramas that run three seasons with a special and movies? Just kidding, it's only been two so far. Really weird ending sequence. Funny laugh. Supernatural powers. Weird and dirty topics in the two main character's discussions. Each case spans 2-3 episodes.

-Trick 2*****
More word games, funny and interesting. Each episode has a different running time though, some are short and some long.

-Trick 3****1/2
Adventurous. Weird ending again. More riddles (word play, puzzles) and jokes. Some episodes were sad though. A lot of them seem to be about revenge as well.

Interesting drama, more like a film split into multiple parts. Some funny stories, particularly the landlady's and Tagawa's back stories. Unbelievable turn of events towards the end. Quite outrageous. The ending wasn't bad.

-Tsuki no Koibito*****
Mature, human drama about a furniture company president. Chinese and English spoken as well. Manipulation with a Cinderella element to it. Unexpected ending!!

SO awesome! Ikemen galore. I am surprised by Hiroki, Nissy, and Soma Keisuke's characters though, so unlike them. Loving it. Quite complex with some shocking as well as sad moments. Yamamoto Yusuke is not only hot but funny. I love when he does comedy. Kaku Kento is always a riot. Amazing cast! Very intense.

-Umi no Ue no Shinryojo*****
I love Matsuda Shota's character here! He kind of reminds me of Hidari Shoutarou from Kamen Rider W. Amazing medical and surgical skills but girl crazy. A different female guest star per episode.

Interesting and funny. Nakama Yukie plays another great character. Reminds me of a bit of Trick. A bit complex. Something deeper is going on. I was upset by the hanging ending though.

-Unubore Deka*****
First time watching a Nagase drama. Hilarious! I love the random dancing in it. Toma is cute. I'm so glad that he's in a comedy again! Great female guest stars.

-Uta no Onii-san****1/2
I thought it was a comedy but it turned out to be a bit serious. Pretty interesting and funny, and Ohno's character is relatable as well as heartwarming. I enjoyed the children's songs, and though I didn't like Ohno's solo single at first, it worked in the drama.

-Utsukushi Rinjin****
First episode's pace was a bit slow. I actually watched 'Saki' first so now I am finding out the back story. A good human drama but may have been better if I had watched this in order.

-Vampire Heaven****1/2
Interesting, different vampire lore. Silly. I love the gothic outfits for the girls! Catchy ending theme. Good cast and concept. Short series. Unresolved ending.

-Vampire Host*****
Funny but a bit scary, with a focus on the supernatural. I like the visuals and music, like the clothes, special effects, setting, and opening and ending sequences. Matsuda Satoshi is awesome in this, and when he transforms, he looks like Gackt. Very cool. Themed host clubs seem fun. I also learned some history. Not too pleased about the ending, but it made sense.

Cool opening sequence. Toma makes a hot doctor. Eita is pretty cute too. I like GReeeeN's ending song. Funny despite being a serious drama. Very interesting cases with deep thoughts, philosophy, and heartwarming moments. Best case drama I've seen. Quite profound.

-Watashi ga Renai Dekinai Riyuu****
Story about 3 women who become roommates as they all search for love. A lot of familiar faces. Some interesting jobs like a lighting technician.

-Water Boys*****
Everyone is so young in this! Tamaki Hiroshi is hilarious! Great compelling story and awesome concept! Hilarious too. I love the background music. Amazing performance for the finale.

-Water Boys 2*****
Ichihara Hayato is so cute and clumsy in this! Great cast with a bit of weird and a lot of funny thrown in. More moving as the episodes go on.

As this is based of a seinen manga, it was pretty toned down. Anne had elaborate costumes. I liked the actors, especially the one who played Domeki, and the theme song "Aitai". Interesting concept. Very short series.

-Yamada-kun to 7-nin majo****1/2
Nice short funny yet heartwarming drama with a magical focus! Too much kissing, so atypical of a Japanese drama. I was very jealous of one actress who got to touch Yamamoto Yusuke's abs! Great ending, cast, and concept.

-Yamada Taro Monogatari*****
Super funny with the Engrish and fantasy! I liked Sho better than Nino, though.

-Yamato Nadeshiko Shichi Henge****1/2
Interesting plot. Great cast. Kame is looking good. Funny imagination sequences, ridiculousness, complexes, and action. It gets way more serious in the later episodes.

-Yankee-kun to Megane-chan*****
Funny and ridiculous with good themes. I love the fight scenes and the Crows Zero-ish background music.

-Yoiko no Mikata****1/2
Great ending song. Sho as a preschool teacher makes for an interesting concept. Touching and funny. Dang, cameos by Aiba, Ohno, Sawada Shin and Kuma!

-Yukan Club***
See my blog on hairstyles to what I thought of Junno's hair in this one. The stories were interesting but I didn't like it that much, probably because there was no love triangle.

-Yume wo Kanaeru Zo****
Ridiculously funny with a classic love triangle tale. Oguri Shun only had a cameo in the first episode. Some historical figures in a modern day setting. 30 minutes only each episode!

-Zeni Geba****1/2
Dark, violent, multiple deaths. Comparing the past and present throughout the drama. Pretty good premise. Clearly, Matsuyama Ken'ichi always plays weird roles. I especially enjoyed the last episode of 'what could have been'.

-Zettai Kareshi****
Pretty interesting. I think I'm hooked from the first episode. My love triangle theory was sort of disproven with this drama. I was surpised with her choice. I really cried for most of the ending. Quite sad, but I guess that's how it had to be. The ending song got stuck in my head for days.

Top 10 Jpop and Kpop Songs of 2017

9th year in a row!

There were a lot of solo artist releases and the debut of SIYOON, which I consider a come back for him in general although I prefer the nickname AJ for him and will always refer to him that way. Shuta Sueyoshi from AAA released some solo singles! We saw the disbandment of BEE SHUFFLE and the saddest thing was Kevin leaving U-KISS on my birthday.


A cheerful song with only 6 members.

Arashi "I'll Be There"

I love microphone dances. The pv is so cute for Aiba's detective drama.

BgA "Who's It Gonna Be"

Hilarious video trying to decide who is the leader of the group with a dramatic bridge in the middle. I actually want those gold and silver poop glow sticks.

CROSS GENE "Black or White"

Fascinating, violent pv. Love it.

Eric Nam "Hold Me"

A beautiful ballad released before the year end!

Lead "Beautiful Day"

Happy 15 year anniversary! Beautiful men in a beautiful location for the PV.

PrizmaX "Orange Moon"

More of a mellow song from the group but great dance moves and beauty shots in the pv.

Sueyoshi Shuta "Run Away"

The song is entirely in English. I love his outfits in this pv. The only thing I didn't approve of was the smoking.


Gold glitter all over his body. Also love the short white hair.

U-KISS "Fly"

Very emotional watching this pv. Typical U-KISS pv in regards to the cool outfits, dance moves, and locations. However, there are only 5 members. I hope they can fly without Kevin. Soohyun went to the army too. Wah.

Honorable mentions:
Arashi "Tsunagu"
Eric Nam x Somi "You, Who?"
Kame to YamaP "Senakagoshi no Chance"
MOON KIM "Dark Chocolate"
SIYOON "Beauty"
TAEYANG "White Night"

2017 Releases:
Akanishi Jin: Fill Me Up
Arashi: I'll Be There, Tsunagu, Doors~Yuuki no Kiseki~
Atae Shinjiro (from AAA): Goody-Good Girl, CAN'T STOP
BgA: Who's It Gonna Be
CROSS GENE: Black or White
Eric Nam: You, Who? x Somi, Before the Sunset; Bravo, My Life!, Hold Me
Hoon (from U-KISS): Fuyuzakura
Kame to YamaP: Senakagoshi no Chance
Lead: Tokyo Fever, Beautiful Day
MOON KIM: Dark Chocolate
Nissy: Don't let me go, The Eternal Live
PrizmaX: Orange Moon
Shuta Sueyoshi: Run Away, Re:time
SIYOON: Nothing to you (feat. ESBEE), Beauty
Soohyun (from U-KISS): I'll Be There
Suda Masaki: Kokyuu
TAEYANG: White Night, Wake Me Up, Darling
Taguchi Junnosuke: Connect
Urata Naoya: Sora
x4: i want you back


Japanese anime

Not sure why I didn't do this earlier. I've been watching anime since I was in 5th grade. Though I have seen some episodes of Mega Man and Doraemon dubbed in other languages amongst other anime, only completely viewed anime series will be included here.

They are listed in alphabetical order, except for Sailor Moon series where it is listed in chronological order. The little asterisks represents stars on a regular 1-5 scale. Comments follow.

Eternal Sailor Moon, my hero

Currently enjoying:

Previously viewed:

-Ami-chan no Hatsukoi*****
Very cute short focusing on Ami and her fear of love letters. She gets an awesome new attack!

-Imagin Anime 1-3*****
Very entertaining because they are just so funny. The plots are also great. Must watch for any Den-O fan.

Quite dark and scary. I enjoy the element of mystery, detectives, and gangsters. The concept and stories are really interesting though. I love the attention to detail, the opening song and the featured sweets. It really makes me want to watch the stage plays.

-Kuroshitsuji 2****
Disturbing and dark from the first scene of the first episode! Alois is one insane, horrible little kid. Shocking and scary as well. Love the ending song though!! What an ending!

-Kuroshitsuji: Book of Circus****1/2
Circus theme. It gets darker as the series goes on. People were crazy and cruel even in those days. Very short, only 10 episodes! Great action. I got used to the opening and ending themes but upset it wasn't Yuya's.

-Make Up! Sailor Senshi*****
I actually haven't seen this until perhaps this year when I stumbled upon it on youtube! Great short introducing the five senshi.

-Sailor Moon*****
Oh, the beginning. I still cry for certain episodes no matter how many times I watch them. Truly a classic and still my favorite anime ever, well the whole series, that is.

-Sailor Moon R****1/2
The aliens were made up and not from the original manga, but it was nice to see new attacks and Moonlight Knight to emphasize the love between Mamoru and Usagi. As for the Dark Moon Arc, I really enjoyed the contrast between the Ayakashi Sisters and the Four Guardians. Also, my favorite song from all of the anime series is from here, "La Soldier". I am not a fan of Chibiusa though. Refresh!

-Sailor Moon R: The Movie****
More aliens! But as with everything Sailor Moon, I am always touched by Usagi's compassion and courage.

-Sailor Moon S*****
The outer senshi and so many villains. The three talismans and the holy Grail! Great series though the last episode bothered me. I never like it when people challenge the true and proper leader.

-Sailor Moon S: The Movie*****
Sad tale regarding Luna's love. The fight scenes were awesome though, and it was nice to see Usagi do something special for Luna.

-Sailor Moon Super S****
Again, I am not a big fan of Chibiusa and this season was focused mostly on her. I love the first ending theme though "Rashiku Ikimashou". The dream mirrors were cool. I really hate Neherenia. She is probably my most hated villain from the series. Fisheye annoyed me too.

-Sailor Moon Supers Special: An Elegant Metamorphosis? Crybaby Usagi's Growth Diary*****
Usagi is my favorite character so of course I enjoyed this!!

-Sailor Moon Supers Special: Haruka and Michiru, Again! The Ghostly Puppet Show*****
Great ending. Finally they accept them.

-Sailor Moon Supers Special: Chibiusa's Adventure! The Dreaded Vampire Castle*****
The special attack by the four guardians is hilarious! Really interesting because of the vampires.

-Sailor Moon Super S: The Movie*****
Though I wasn't a fan of the series, I loved this movie! The villains were hilarious. Another heart wrenching epic battle scene towards the end.

-Sailor Moon Sailor Stars*****
The end, so very sad especially with that ending theme. I love the opening theme though and how everyone powers up. The Three Lights songs were also great. But what a transformation they undergo.

-Sailor Moon Crystal****1/2
Dramatic background music and transformation sequence for Sailormoon! I am not a fan of the drawing style although it is growing on me. I got teary eyed for Sailormoon's first introduction and attack! Nevermind, I got teary eyed for everybody's! I do like the changes in attention to detail and that Mamoru has more of a wardrobe. Rei is so much nicer in this version. I teared up pretty much every episode.

-Sailor Moon Crystal: Season II****1/2
Loving the Black Moon Arc! Abduction, Sailor Pluto, Crystal Tokyo. Following the manga precisely. I was never a fan of Black Lady though.

-Sailor Moon Crystal: Season III*****
New opening and ending sequences! I love how the multiple ending sequences focused on Haruka and Michiru, Chibi-usa, and Tuxedo Kamen. New attacks! I was so excited that they continued and we can finally see the Outers!

I watched all of the episodes in original Japanese except for the last 2 episodes where both Jensen and Jared dubbed their voices. Very dark and scary. I was very impressed with how well done it was, but of course! It explained a lot of stuff too from the live action series.

-Tonari no Totoro****
Do I really need to give a description? I finally watched this movie in is entirety this year (2017). Great children's film but I felt like it was cut short.

Top 10 Jpop and Kpop Songs of 2016

8th year in a row!

I had mostly been keeping up but with so many things happening in 2016, I did a review of the PVs before finalizing this. Also, had to see the ones that got released in December. Compiling this list reminds me of how many guys I love, too many.

AAA "New"
no title
Filmed in Los Angeles! Everyone looks so good but Shuta, wow!

Arashi "I seek"
no title
This video makes me smile. So upbeat. All dressed up and nowhere to go, having fun dancing around in a circle looking sharp.

CROSSGENE "Hey You, Noonah!"
no title
Took awhile for this song to grow on me. But I liked this more than "Ying Yang". Such a silly pv of the guys trying to save the girl with a twisted ending.

Eric Nam "Can't Help Myself"
no title
I love this feel good summer dance track! The music video is adorkable. Love seeing Eric dance.

Kevin (from U-KISS) "Out Of My Life feat. K"
no title
Kevin's Japanese solo debut! How could this not make my top 10 list? I preferred this beautiful ballad over "Make Me".

KisMyFt2 "Gravity"
no title
Uplifting song. Cool pv and a loss less weird than "Shalala☆Summertime".

Lead "Zoom Up"
no title
My favorite kind of Lead. Dance track with flashing lights, breakdancing, and black/silver outfits. Can't ask for more.

Royal Pirates "Dangerous"
no title
Hot pv. Great rock song. Not a fan of graffiti except when it's done by these guys.

no title
Yes! A million times yes! This is what all the KissMe's have been waiting for. When Soohyun hits that high note after the bridge, #YAS. I love everything about this song and pv.

x4 "Kizuna"
no title
Gorgeous ballad. PV shot in New York City. Oh, how I missed Yuya. What lovely harmonies and voices with five members.

Honorable mentions:
Arashi "Daylight"
BgA "Dong Saya Dae (똥싸야돼)"
Hey!Say!JUMP "Fantastic Time"
Miura Ryosuke "JUSTICE-Tada Kimino Subetewo Mitsumeteiru"
Nissy "Mada kimi wa shiranai MY PRETTIEST GIRL"
PrizmaX "UP < UPBEAT"
U-KISS "Kissing to Feel"

2016 releases:
AAA: NEW, Yell, Jewel, Namida no nai Sekai
Arashi: I seek / Daylight, Power of the Paradise
Eric Nam: Good For You, Can't Help Myself
Hey!Say!JUMP: Sayonara Sensation, Maji SUNSHINE, Fantastic Time, Give Me Love
KAT-TUN: Tragedy, Unlock
Kevin (from U-KISS): Make Me/Out of My Life feat. K
Kis-My-Ft2: Gravity, Shalala☆Summertime
Lead: Zoom up
Miura Ryosuke: JUSTICE-Tada Kimino Subetewo Mitsumeteiru
Nissy: Mada kimi wa shiranai MY PRETTIEST GIRL, Happening
PrizmaX: UP < UPBEAT
Royal Pirates: Dangerous
Taguchi Junnosuke: Hero
U-KISS: Kissing to Feel, STALKER, PANIC!, Lots of Love
x4: Party Up!!, Pride, Kizuna


2016 Year in Review

Fourth year in a row!
Overall 2016 was an amazing year personally despite what was going on with politics and all the celebrities, people, and animals we lost.
It will be a year forever etched in my memory.
Read on.

1. What did you do in 2016 that you'd never done before?
Attended first rap concert!
First hot stone massage.
Saw sakura in Japan at springtime #lifegoals
First cello rock concert.
Traveled with my friend of 26 years for the first time just the two of us.
Met Weezer!!
Finally saw Rancid, The Living End, and Green Day live!
Went to a Good Charlotte concert after 13 years.
Osric Chau meet and greet, my first meet and greet at the Supernatural convention!

2. Did you keep your New Year's resolutions, and will you make more for next year?
I don't make any. I tried to make one for this year but already broke it within the day, it was to not swear.

3. Did anyone close to you give birth?
Not that close but my coworker gave birth to a baby girl at the beginning of December.

4. Did anyone close to you die?
My cousin passed away from kidney failure in the summer. Also the outside cat we took care of, Snowball, passed away earlier in the year.

5. What countries did you visit?
Taiwan, Japan.

6. What would you like to have in 2017 that you lacked in 2016?
How about some romance? But this would be something I have lacked my entire life.

7. What date(s) from 2016 will remain etched upon your memory, and why?
1/1 Rancid show
1/15 The City Drive show!
1/31 Bone Thugs N Harmony
2/13 Vertigo at the San Francisco Symphony
2/27 O-Town
3/28-4/11 Taiwan and Japan trip with dad
5/15 UC Davis Young Alumni Reception, Break of Reality show
6/23-24 Pacific Veterinary Conference, SF
6/25-26 Cat Con LA
7/10 Gwendoline's Birthday Party/Charity Event
7/31 Weezer
8/6 Warped Tour (after 10 years)
8/25 The Living End
8/26-28 Las Vegas, MY2K Tour
9/9-14 PA/Washington DC trip
10/22 Yellowcard Final World Tour
10/25 Good Charlotte (after 13 years)
11/1 Sum 41
11/13 Shrem Museum opening
11/23 Dat Phan comedy show
12/2-4 Supernatural SF Con
12/10 Not So Silent Night 2

8. What was your biggest achievement of the year?
I became the lead doctor of my hospital.
Quad photo with Supernatural cast.

10. Did you suffer illness or injury?
Not really.

11. What was the best thing you bought?
So many things but it has to be the cat shirt I bought from warped tour that has a chubby cat with money that states 'Girls Don't Like Boys, Girls Like Cats and Money'. Shout out to GC!

12. Whose behavior merited celebration?
All the bands I got to see this year, my friends, and cats.

13. Whose behavior made you appalled and depressed?
Clients especially around the holidays. People do NOT get nicer around the holidays, they get meaner.
Also all the people who could have voted this year but did not, like 50%.

14. Where did most of your money go?
See above events and trips. A lot of money went to the Supernatural Convention, enough to equal one of my student loan payments.

15. What did you get really, really, really excited about?
OMG, The City Drive Reunion show, aka the best night of my life.
Also of course the Supernatural convention!

16. What song will always remind you of 2016?
Yellowcard's "Rest In Peace"

17. Compared to this time last year, are you:
-Wiser? I think so.

-Healthier? Maybe or about the same.

-Richer? Possibly but then I spent a lot of it.

18. What do you wish you'd done more of?
I pretty much went to all the shows/events I wanted to go to. #noregrets
I wish I drew more though.

19. What do you wish you'd done less of?
I guess I wished I was more thrifty with my spending.

20. How will you be spending Christmas?
I spent Christmas at home opening gifts and taking pictures which is our tradition. I also went to church and lunch with my mom. We discovered a new Vietnamese place in the city.

22. Did you fall in love in 2016?
Lee Soo Hyuk!! That voice and how he reminds me of a vampire, and actually played one twice.

23. How many one-night stands?
None. Always none.

24. What was your favorite TV program?
Heroes Reborn

25. Do you hate anyone now that you didn't hate this time last year?
Probably so because I'm a hater.

26. What was the best book you read?
Scott Weiland's 'Not Dead and Not For Sale'
I also read through most of every article of the Rolling Stone subscription I somehow got for free.
And I finished 'Where Are They Buried?' by Tod Benoit after like hella years of having that book lying around.

27. What was your greatest musical discovery?
Not really a discovery but a renewal of love for Good Charlotte!
Also listened to a lot of Eric Nam and Royal Pirates.

28. What did you want and get?
See above.

29. What did you want and not get?
A man of my own.

30. What was your favorite film of this year?
The only new film I watched, because I don't really watch that many movies, was "My Big Fat Greek Wedding 2".

31. What did you do on your birthday, and how old were you?
On the actual day I went to Herbivore with my mom. My friend Courtney and her cat also stopped by my house to exchange gifts. I turned 31.

32. Which celebrity/public figure did you fancy the most?
Lee Soo Hyuk mainly but also Seo In Guk
And don't forget, Misha Collins is my #mancrusheveryday.

33. How would you describe your personal fashion concept in 2016?
Not much of a change, except for the incorporation of bomber jackets. I also finally got a Castiel costume.

34. What kept you sane?
Music, art, the events above.

35. Who did you miss?
U-KISS! USA tour please!
Most of the 94+ celebrities who passed.
Some people who left work.

36. Tell us a valuable life lesson you learned in 2016.
The important lesson I learned is that I have to do the best that I can in being a steward for animals and the earth because a lot of people just don't care, and although that makes me very upset, I'm going to keep going strong with my beliefs and what I know is right.

37. What did you gain this year?
Lots of cool items, new staff, new skills.

38. What did you lose this year?
Some money, staff at work.

39. Who was the best new person you met?
Gwendoline Yeo, the actress, and Brandi, a fellow vegan cat lover.

40. Quote a song lyric that sums up your year.
"Going through these life changes
Gotta keep my feet moving
I'm looking up at the sky
Gotta keep my eyes open
Gonna keep my mind racing
I keep on trying to fly"

Good Charlotte "Life Changes"

Supernatural SF Con 16

Supernatural San Francisco Convention
Hyatt Regency SFO
December 2-4, 2016

Second time around! I prepared fan art this time. I really should have read my blog entry from last year to remember what else I needed to bring. This time I stayed at the hotel too so I could attend karaoke and the Saturday Night Special concert. Next year I need to remember to bring a water tin, a watch, and cough drops. I have since made a con packing list. Also, the hotel is really cold so anyone who attends should dress warmly! I saw one girl dressed as a Crossroads demon, I don't know how she could stand the AC!


My dad dropped me off at Hyatt Regency SFO. I was able to check in early which was great. I registered first for Gold Weekend and did the photo op ticket swap (pdf print out for an actual ticket). After I settled in my room, I went back to check out the vendors (outside the theatre) and waited for the doors to open.

12 pm Welcome with Rob Benedict and Louden Swain
Richard could not be here because he was directing an episode of Supernatural!

12:20 pm Kim Rhodes and Briana Buckmaster
I loved how they played each other's characters spot on as requested by a fan. They sure do swear a lot and there was quite a bit of mention about 'The Suite Life of Zack and Cody' which Kim didn't mind.

1:15 pm Jason Manns
That voice! I loved his Prince "Kiss"/Meghan Trainor "All About the Bass" mash up.

2:20 pm Osric Meet and Greet
All attendees promised to not repeat any information stated during this time. I wasn't even sure if I could post the group photo but saw that others did so assumed it was okay.

3:15 pm Julian Richings
It was his first time in SF! On the plain ride over, a fellow passenger kept smiling and laughing at him. Julian was wearing a Louden Swain shirt but the guy thought it said "London Swine" when he was grabbing his bags to leave the plane. I admired his love for denim, specifically Levi's! He was wearing all Levi's during his panel as well as during karaoke.

4 pm Intermission

4:30 pm Photo op with Osric
Osric recognized me but didn't remember my name. He said "Nice to meet you again" twice.

I caught part of the auction as I went back to the theatre. The bids this year were quite low compared to last year. Maybe because of the holidays?

5:15 pm Osric Chau panel
Osric came out but went back in after he signaled to the band because he didn't want Blink-182's "All the Small Things" to be played but what sounded like a reworked Black Sabbath song with the lyrics "Kevin Tran". They still played Blink when he left the stage though, LOL. Funnily enough, Osric does not know a lot of music. He thought "Mr Crowley" was a song Louden Swain made up! The first question I believe ironically was what kind of music he liked. That was the question I had planned to ask him during the meet and greet but we didn't really get to ask any questions there. Osric mentioned that his most listened albums are Backstreet Boys' "Black and Blue" and Linkin Park's "Hybrid Theory". I love this guy!

6:10 pm Autograph Sessions
The order was Briana Buckmaster, Kim Rhodes, Osric Chau, then Julian Richings - complimentary for Gold Patrons. Everyone looked over my fan art carefully. Kim gave me a nice compliment. I had a short conversation with Osric about how I was named. I should have asked him how he was named! I gave him a special fan art I drew the day before just for him.

9:45 pm Karaoke 'Game of Tones'
Only a few people dressed up medieval, only about two handfuls. I saw a mother and daughter dress up as a queen and princess. I saw a hunter, Cinderella, and at least two Khalessi's in her queen outfit of beautiful blue and gold. I dressed up as a peasant and one person commented on my outfit. Most of the stars were dressed up except for Ruth and Julian.

Some highlights of the night:
-Ruth Connell special appearance, she's so small (wee)!
-Julian was dancing all across the stage and said goodbye before he left.
-Osric performed RHCP's "Can't Stop". How can I not love this guy?
-Kim's first time singing a karaoke song solo/lead "Tainted Love"
-90s pop and 80s rock, lots of songs from the Guardians of the Galaxy Pandora station
-Matt gave Briana a lap dance during Genuine's "Pony". She said it was the first time she ever blushed.
-When two girls sang Spice Girls "Wannabe", Osric mentioned 90s music is his thing. During this song, Briana and Osric stripped and changed tops!
-Kansas "Carry On My Wayward Son" as ending song by cast and Creation Entertainment staff

The concert ended at 12:05. Matt and Rob left for a little bit in the middle for a photo op.


10:10 am Welcome Richard Speight, Jr
Hooray! He made it!

10:30 am Kim, Briana, Osric, and Ruth
It was early in the morning and they all had Starbucks coffees in hand and were still tired. Ruth had a big coat on and was carrying a gift bag.
Loved their stage banter and Ruth's flexibility. Apparently Ruth was a dancer and Osric a martial artist. Briana commented, "Imagine the sex you two would have". Ruth did imagine it and mostly said "yes" while striking different poses.
Someone had asked about the lap dance which was a surprise for Briana but she said anything sexy is because of her.
Kim fell to the floor/fainted due to Ruth, but I forgot what she did, maybe it was her flexibility or the fact that when she spoke, everyone just listens in awe and does whatever she asks.
One fan named Briana spoke with Briana Buckmaster about their same first name but her question was for Ruth, so Briana Buckmaster felt betrayed. LOL!

At the end of their panel, this happened:
Rob sang "just the four of us, shooting castles in the sky, just the four of us, you and I, I, I".
Richard: Why are they shooting castles in the sky Robbie?
Rob: I don't know... I didn't write the lyrics.
Richard: Why are they 'shooting' castles?
Rob: It's not shooting?
Richard: It's building castles in the sky.
Rob got embarrassed then asked, "Why are they building castles in the sky?"
Richard gave some witty retort.

11:30 am Supernatural Costume Contest
I mostly entered because I wanted to be in the group photo. I hope they'll post it or someone will so I can save it. I got some polite claps and a consolation prize - a photo of Misha and three 20% coupons for some vendors.

1:15 pm Photo op with Misha Collins
Misha was about to put his arm around me.
Me: Can we do back to back?
He immediately turns and crosses his arms. Misha winked at me after our shoot and was chewing gum when I told him "Thank you." Aww.

When I got back to the theatre, I saw instagram photos on the screen with #spnsf.

2:30 pm Mark Sheppard
He walked around entire theatre asking the people asking questions, "What do you want?"
Funny thing was he forgot a famous line he had said during an episode that one fan said was her favorite line by him. Some fans found the clip of him saying it and showed him! LOL.

3:45 pm Auction

It was too crowded at the vendors tent for me to catch the acoustic set with Louden Swain, Jason, Matt and Richard.

4:45 pm Richard, Rob, Matt panel
Richard and Rob liked the lighting and asked the crew to remember it because quite a few fans said they were all absolutely gorgeous.
Matt is in so many productions right now and commented how hard it is to remember names and lines for 'General Hospital'. Richard commented on the strange names in the show like Griffin Munro.

5:30 pm Misha panel
There were so many babies cooing and talking to interrupt Misha. He even got annoyed and wanted an age limit set. They must have loved his voice because they only made noises for his panel.
When he first played Castiel, Kim Manners asked him to be less spooky. Haha.
Misha's panel was at times hilarious and at times serious as he mentioned politics. I love this man.

6:40 pm Autograph Sessions
The order today was Mark Sheppard, Ruth Connell, and Misha Collins. I gave Misha a gift, a sticker that said "Only Kale Can Save Us Now". All of them complimented my fan art! During the autograph sessions, there was an announcement that both Jared and Jensen would be here tomorrow. One guy behind me and I said we knew that. I realized later that it was because Jensen's twins had been born that I guess it was a bit iffy? But he was contracted to come and Danneel and the twins were doing well. What a sweetheart. I'm so glad he came for us fans.

After a break for dinner and rest in my room, I went back and lined up for the concert. They handed us glow bracelets and FINGER LIGHTS. Never seen these before in my life and I have been to a LOT of shows.

10:15 pm-12:20 am Saturday Night Special
-Eminem "Lose yourself" cover by Osric was amazeballs! He rapped it all from memory.
-Kazoo solo for last Louden Swain song. I should have bought a kazoo. They played a few new songs off their new album out next month.
-Mark Sheppard was on the second set of drums. Richard and Chris played bass for a few songs. Osric played a bit of keyboard.
-Ruth sang "These Boots Are Made For Walkin'" by Nancy Sinatra.
-Kim Rhodes and Matt Cohen sang songs as well that I can't recall.
-Briana Buckmaster sang Elle King's "Ex's and Oh's and "Say Something" as a duet with Rob. Briana's voice... she said she was trained as a singer. I believe it.
-Rob was very passionate and in tears singing "She Waits". He also performed "Fare Thee Well" solo.


10 am Gold panel
We all congratulated Jensen and thanked him for being here for us. Jared mentioned that Gen held the twins and wanted another baby. Jared's response was "You're already pregnant!"
Someone asked about baby naming. Jensen explained Zeppelin is based off a type of knot since his umbilical cord was twisted but he was safe. His daughter was named Arrow as they wanted an AA and to keep up the trend of strange names like Danneel and Jensen. So far, Stephen Amell has no comment on the name. Zeppelin was born first so he's not the baby boy. Jensen was very happy about that.
Jared warned us to not name anyone after Mark Sheppard as he had done. His boys go right for the nuts on Jensen.

I saw Jason Manns at his booth in the vendor's tent talking with fans and doing autographs. I did not talk to him though. My friend arrived. It was funny because we were standing right next to each other and about to call. I forgot he hadn't been to this location before.

2:25 pm Welcome
Rob and Richard sang a song on Millbrae and San Francisco adjacent. It's Burlingame yo.

2:45 pm Rowena
She taught us how to do V Club Mega moves and took a video of us she posted later online as the reception was horrible in the theatre.
She had goodies (bracelets) and stolen toiletries - others steal for her now - to give to people who asked questions. She also gave them hugs. So sweet!
She caught someone sleeping in the back since there's always at least one person wherever you go. She asked if she was boring him. She ate a chocolate from someone in the left side of the back of the audience. She pointed out all red heads and maybe gave them high fives; there were very few.

3:30 pm Jensen and Jared
Someone asked about their greatest/best fear. Jared said he was afraid of bears.
A female fan in the audience to my left: But you're the same size!
Jared demonstrated his scareabear app that you have to shake then it makes a bell ring sound or some other noise. Jensen mentioned how troubling it would be to have to enter your passcode first with a bear after you. Jared asked the same question back to the fan. They heard 'clouds' instead of 'clowns' and Jensen was about to lose it. I heard clowns and was wondering what the big deal was until they explained.
Last question of the year onstage! Twas a good one. That "Last Question" song gets stuck in my head.

5:20 pm Quad photo
I managed to tell Jensen the instructions, that we would link arms/hold hands, and do a sort of half victory pose. Somehow our intertwined fingers became held hands in the photo.
Jensen: Victory pose? Okay, got it.
There was confusion with Jared and Misha's hands on my right but I finally got the correct hand of Jared.

When I lined back up for the Jensen and Misha photo, I saw them doing a canvas signing and taking retakes/missed photo ops.

Jensen and Misha photo
I almost stepped on Jensen's right shoe, I at least hit it.
Jensen squeezed my right shoulder as I thanked him and left! #dying

5:45 pm Kings of Con panel
Video clips of Rob's side butt and some teasers. I got to watch this. A lot of the SPN cast appear on it. I missed getting one of the Kings of Con paper crowns though.

6:45 pm Autograph Sessions
Last ones, Jared then Jensen. Jared complimented my fan art and Jensen was the only one to sign it vertically because I guess he couldn't sign small?

7:15 pm (actually 7:30 pm)
I almost missed the Castiel photo op while lining up for aforementioned autographs, but luckily and fortunately a volunteer I knew helped me leave and come back to the same place in line.

Afterwards, we waited to get our photos. I saw my friend get a high five from Misha for his autograph session. Good times.

Top 10 Jpop and Kpop Songs of 2015

7th year in a row! Wow! Fantastic Baby.

Again, I tried to keep up with it from the beginning but some time around spring and summer I slacked off. So many singles from AAA for their 10th year anniversary. I tried to pick one single per group. For 2016, I'm really going to keep up and watch the videos as they come out.

AAA "Aishiteru no ni, Aisenai"
no title
Great acting in this pv and everyone gets plenty of time to sing. Such heartache.

Amber "Beautiful"
no title
Didn't know Amber could sing because of her usual rapping. Amazing song with a great message.

Arashi "Sakura"
no title
My kind of Arashi song. I love the dreary pv marked by the dark outfits and barren landscape.

BIGBANG "We Like 2 Party"
no title
A different song from their usual. The pv is on softer side and shows their goofy sides. A much simpler pv compared to their usual extravagance.

Cross Gene "Play With Me"
no title
Shin reminds me of L. Shot in an asylum with three versions. Very catchy tune as usual. They really look crazy.

Hey!Say!JUMP "Chau#"
no title
Purple prince outfits to start off followed by color coordinated worker outfits. Typical Johnny's. Super upbeat song with some kids shouting. Special effects and colorful set. LOL, a song with a hashtag in it.

KisMyFT2 "Kiss Damashii"
no title
Nice visuals in the music video with lots of metal spikes and black/white theme, tons of microphones and name signs. I liked this single better than "AAO". Not much from KMF2 in 2015 compared to previous years.

Miura Ryosuke "Pearl"
no title
There's a cat in the pv. No further explanation necessary. Just kidding, a nice ballad and I can't think of too many guys who look so great waking up from bed.

U-KISS "Action"
no title
SUPER cute pv! I love the colorful outfits and setting. The positive message and cute dance moves remind me of "One Of You". Love it! I especially enjoy that everyone sings and I gasped when Kevin first appeared. The cuteness makes my heart twinge.

x4 "Killing Me"
no title
Of course it was filmed in NYC. Nice effort put forth by Yuya's new group. Every member has got their own talents. At first I was against this because I didn't want to lose Yuya as a solo artist, but they are growing on me.

Honorable mentions:
BEE SHUFFLE "Maji★ijan"
CROSS GENE "sHi-tai!"
PrizmaX's "Lonely Summer Days"

2015 Releases:
AAA: Aishiteru no ni, Aisenai; I'll be there, Lil' Infinity, Boku no Yuuutsu to Fukigen na Kanojo, Game Over?, Ashita no Hikari, Flavor of Kiss, Lover
Amber: Beautiful, Shake That Brass
Arashi: Sakura; Aozora no Shita, Kimi no Tonari
BIGBANG: Bang Bang Bang, Sober, Loser, We Like 2 Party, Bae Bae, If You, Let's Not Fall In Love
CROSS GENE: Future, Play With Me, Love & Peace, sHi-tai!
EXILE: DANCE INTO FANTASY, Jonetsu no Hana, 24karats GOLD SOUL
Hey!Say!JUMP: Chau#, Oh I Need You
KisMyFt2: Kiss Damashii, AAO
Lead: My One
Miura Ryosuke: PEARL, Get Up
NEWS: Kaguya
Nissy: DANCE DANCE DANCE, Playing With Fire
PrizmaX: Our Zone, Lonely summer days
SKY-HI: Kamitsure Velvet, Limo, Seaside Bound
Soohyun: Kimi Dake Wo
U-KISS: Playground, Action, Stay Gold
x4: Killing Me


2015 Year In Review

Third year in a row! Should make up a number 9 and delete the one night stand question.

1. What did you do in 2015 that you'd never done before?
Finally attended Gilroy Garlic Festival.
Started self study Korean.
Went to a series of concerts 4 nights in a row.
Went to movies being played along to a live symphonies.

2. Did you keep your New Year's resolutions, and will you make more for next year?
I never really make any resolutions but I sort of kept up with my top (year) list for J-pop/K-pop songs. I guess my resolutions for this year would be to be more compassionate and confident at work and in general, lifelong goals.

3. Did anyone close to you give birth?
I don't think so.

4. Did anyone close to you die?
Yes, my friend's mom early in the year and my pet cat Charlie who we've had since he was a kitten in March.

5. What countries did you visit?
None, didn't travel abroad.

6. What would you like to have in 2016 that you lacked in 2015?
A date/boyfriend, maybe even a husband!
More opportunities to wear costumes and dresses!

7. What date(s) from 2015 will remain etched upon your memory, and why?
1/12 Remy passed away.
1/16-18 Supernatural Convention SF 10 year anniversary
1/30 BSB movie!
3/4 Charlie passed away.
4/25 My 30th Birthday
5/21-6/2 Alkaline Trio Past Live
6/6-7 Cat Con LA
6/19 Postmodern Jukebox
7/9-15 Trip to Boston for AVMA 2015 Convention with Beach Boys concert
7/18 Back to the Future at SF Symphony
10/2 BIG BANG MADE in USA 2015 World Tour
10/30 Dracula
11/15 New Found Glory and Yellowcard
12/5 Bug Bunny at SF Symphony
12/11 Not So Silent Night
12/12 Postmodern Jukebox

8. What was your biggest achievement of the year?
Met Misha Collins, Jensen Ackles, and Jared Padalecki. Got a back hug from Jared and side hug from Misha simultaneously! If only Jensen also hugged me on the other side and it could have been a Supernatural hot dog shot.
Met Mike Love and Bruce Johnston at Beach Boy shows, got VIP seats! Won raffle as 3rd winner!

10. Did you suffer illness or injury?
Pretty bad hip pain around Thanksgiving time. Not sure what happened, probably slept wrong. But it even hurt to put on pants and socks. I healed up within a week though.

11. What was the best thing you bought?
This awesome circus ringleader/conductor blue jacket from Haight Street's Distractions shop. Also jewelry and trinkets with black cats on them, especially the black cat with a crown.

12. Whose behavior merited celebration?
In general, I guess my friends.

13. Whose behavior made you appalled and depressed?
Some of my family members and coworkers.

14. Where did most of your money go?
All the trips and events above. Massages and spa days. 2015 was my record of massages in a year. Also clothes, accessories, and beauty supplies.

15. What did you get really, really, really excited about?
The Supernatural convention! It was my first one. I was a noob.

16. What song will always remind you of 2015?
Songs off the BIG BANG "MADE" album which will get released this year! I'll just say "BANG BANG BANG" (must be said like TOP).

17. Compared to this time last year, are you:
-Wiser? I think so.

-Healthier? About the same.

-Richer? Maybe.

18. What do you wish you'd done more of?
I still didn't do a lot of stuff written on my to-do lists, mostly reading old dream books, and watching stuff on my external hard drive because I forget about it. Some of those saved files are from a few years ago. I wish I drew more as well and watched more J dramas but it's hard to find them nowadays.

19. What do you wish you'd done less of?
Getting angry, buying too much stuff.

20. How will you be spending Christmas?
I spent Christmas at home with my parents and cats. Nice lazy day opening presents, taking pictures, and drinking soup.

22. Did you fall in love in 2015?
Ahn Jae Hyun! Kim Soo Hyun a bit too, who can resist? So cute. TOP again.

23. How many one-night stands?

24. What was your favorite TV program?
America's Next Top Model last cycle!!
Dancing With The Stars for Nick Carter
Heroes Reborn

25. Do you hate anyone now that you didn't hate this time last year?

26. What was the best book you read?
Dante's Inferno. I feel like I read more but I finally got to read this classic!

27. What was your greatest musical discovery?
Not really a discovery but just a renewal of fandom... for BIGBANG. I also don't know why I never liked Yellowcard back in like 2003... they are great live.

28. What did you want and get?
Lots of material items, I bought most of the stuff I wanted. All the above events. Lots of massages.

29. What did you want and not get?
Didn't get to go to as many shows as I wanted since for some shows no one would go with me. I regret not seeing Scott Weiland solo as he passed away last year, won't get that opportunity again. My first concert ever was Stone Temple Pilots (with Red Hot Chili Peppers and Bicycle Thief).

30. What was your favorite film of this year?
Back to the future - 30th anniversary! OMG. If this doesn't count, then the Backstreet Boys movie.

31. What did you do on your birthday, and how old were you?
Big 30! I had a party with my friends, we had lunch, did karaoke for 3 hours, then came back to my house to watch 80s movies, play board games, and have a catered dinner and cake. Simple birthday.

32. Which celebrity/public figure did you fancy the most?
Misha Collins is my #mancrusheveryday. Ahn Jae Hyun is totally my style. Maybe Kim Woo Bin a bit and Kim Soo Hyun... the face of faceshop.

33. How would you describe your personal fashion concept in 2015?
Similar to 2014... FOB green jacket, jeans, sneakers but also 'period' wear like the 50s, 20s... and cool Kpop style jackets.

34. What kept you sane?
Going down to working 4 days a week, music, relaxation/massages, trips.

35. Who did you miss?
Charlie and Lucky.
U-KISS, didn't get to see them live at all.
Also surprised that Dongho got married... and Eli had been married since 2014 and his wife is expecting.

36. Tell us a valuable life lesson you learned in 2015.
Hard work pays off.

37. What did you gain this year?
More time off, relaxation.

38. What did you lose this year?

39. Who was the best new person you met?
New co-worker and a vet student who did the Student Job Program over the summer.

40. Quote a song lyric that sums up your year.
[This is the whole song translated]
Always getting told off
Going round in circles (getting nowhere)

More downs than ups makes you want to give up, doesn’t it?

No phonecall from the guy you like
Sometimes you can’t see the meaning of why you are here

Ah, if you love the path you chose
The tough days that made you cry will be your treasure

When things aren’t going well, however hard you try
When god makes you just a bit stronger

I know that you are always 100% trying your hardest
Be yourself and keep going That’s All
Once again, c’mon ACTION!

Trying to be stronger,
You try too hard
You feel tired because of how different it is to your ideal

Ah, have you realized your charm?
It’s that smile when you are being your honest self

When there is opposing wind when you are trying your hardest to face forward
When god is testing your feelings a bit

I know that you are always 100% trying your hardest
Be yourself and keep going That's all
Once again, c’mon ACTION!

That dream and that path will continue forever
So, let’s open a new door again and fly on

When things aren’t going well, however hard you try
When god makes you just a bit stronger

I know that you are always 100% doing your best
Be yourself and keep going That’s All
Once again, c’mon ACTION!

You can do what you wanna do, all you need is ACTION
You’re still under construction

Don’t worry, you make me feel attraction
By never giving up satisfaction

That’s all
Once again, c’mon ACTION!